Thursday, March 2, 2017

Scripture pouch part 1 of 10.

The other day I was at the local quilt shop learning how to do binding. (Again, because I had forgotten how!) and I looked over to see a quilt that was hanging on the wall. It was so pretty and it had words on it.

That's when I remembered that the shop sells verse panels. Of course, I had to google it when I got home to see what all could be made with them. Since I knew I didn't want to do another quilt right now, I started thinking about making pouches with the individual verses instead. This one formed in my head and I made it quickly.

This one is taking more effort. The idea was to use up only the scraps that I have without buying anymore fabric, but this is harder to do than I thought.

I knew I wanted to do a smaller border this time, but here is where I am stuck. I trimmed it down further but made it too skinny and now I am ripping it out and starting over. I want to make each pouch different and unique. (if possible) I'm not measuring as I go along, so I won't be able to recreate the same one twice. I like crafting this way whenever possible. It's so much fun!

I'll have to give this one more thought and work on it tomorrow...

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