Friday, March 3, 2017

Scripture pouch part 2 of 10

Well, I finally figured out how I wanted to make the pouch...

Pics show the front and back. I do not have enough scraps to do the lining, so I'll have to buy that, but if I can make all the outer pieces with my scraps that will make me happy!

I really like to make the bottom of the bag with a boxy bottom so that's why I decided to do a border around it. I'm almost out of the two dozen zippers I ordered, so I'll likely have to make some drawstring pouches later on.

For now I'm having a blast with this fun challenge I created.

Finished bag-

And the back-

I've already got my third pouch idea milling in my head.

1 comment:

PurlingPenny said...

I love this...... it looks like me. :)

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