I'm on the hunt.

I'm in the hunt for fabric to be turned into purses. I've scoured my fabric bins and came up nearly empty. I should have known as I've been giving away fabric left and right and using up every bit that I had in other projects. If only I had thought to save what I had for the purses. But that's ok. I'm glad I shared with who I did. I needed to make room in my life for new things and that's one reason I was able to find this great group to sew for.

I'm really hoping to go to the thrift shop near my house to look for remnants that I can use. With what little scraps I found yesterday, I headed over to the quilt shop and bought these to use for the liners-

It took me almost the whole afternoon to just cut the pieces up. And then I started the sewing process. I'm almost halfway​ done and can't wait to share the finished pictures.

I've decided to sell all my pattern books that I'm not using, so that I can use that money to put towards fabric for future purses.

I'll try and list them in the Etsy shop soon. While my interest in selling handmade has nearly dwindled down, I did realize that if I want to fund the purse project, I'm going to have to make something to sell. I'm just not sure what it will be yet.

If there is an item in the Etsy shop that you want to trade fabric and/or elastic for, send me a pm.


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