Friday, March 17, 2017

Carrot treat bags and the changes I made

Every once in awhile I'll come across a pattern that looks like fun to make, but I never bother to make it, because I'm too busy filling orders.

This is one of those patterns.

I knew I had to try making one! Or a few!

The first one I made on the left I made almost exactly as the instructions stated. Unfortunately, the link I used is no longer! But here is a similar one.  I couldn't figure out why it said to zigzag the edges before sewing it up, so I did it last. Then, I realized why. Oops! It's hard to press seams open when you've sewed them shut!!

Before I forget, please be sure when you cut the carrot material into the carrot shape-- make sure the fold is on the left hand side. If it's on the right, you might as well throw the material away. Cut it that way and you'll see what happens. I've done it a couple times by accident. :/

I also had trouble sewing the casing lines. Bunched up it looks fine, but spread open and my lines are uneven. Grrrr! Plus, I didn't sew the casing further down so less top shows. Oh well...

I was determined to figure out how to make the casing part easier on the second one. So, I decided a way to sew it before I sewed it all up. I also skipped the zig zagging and used my neglected pinking shears for the edges. The only problem is that I made the casing too skinny on my first try.

By the third one, I figured it all out. Here's how I did it-
First, I sewed the green to the orange using a 1/4 inch seam allowance like the pattern said. I sewed them in assembly line fashion. I forgot to do the topstitching part. Oh well!

Then, I folded the top down so that the edge was touching the piece I just sewed and pressed it. 

In other words, I folded down the top wrong sides facing and placed the edge right on top of the edge where I sewed.

Then I measured 3/4 inch from the edge and drew a line to mark where to sew. From that line, I measured another 3/4 inch and drew a line. I was lucky that I could mark two at the same time. 

Then, I used my pinking shears on the edges to keep from fraying.

This is what it should look like. 

Now comes the easy part. Place right sides together and sew the edges together leaving the top open and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. When you get to the casing part, don't sew over it. Shown below.

Just need to thread the ribbon or yarn in the casing section.

Turn right side out and draw ribbon or yarn through the casing part. When you put it in, you will have to separate the ends together to put in the casing section, otherwise you will just put the yarn on the inside. 

Clear as mud? Any questions, just ask! I much prefer to make the bags this way than the original way.  They came together very quickly. I bought the material by the inch. Orange 7 inch strip and green 6 inch strip. I was able to sew 3 🥕 bags for less than $3. I can't remember what the price was per yard. Still, I can't complain on the price, this was such a quick project to make. I'm looking forward to doing more fun projects like this soon! 

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