Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wonder clip bowl pouches

Well I got my zipper order in yesterday and planned to sew boxy bags last night. Then I realized how tired I was of sewing boxy bags. So, I decided to finish my wonder clip bowl pouches. I had cut all the pieces out awhile back but needed the zipper pull to finish it. I wanted to time myself to see how long it would take.

I started at 7 pm. I love sewing things in assembly line fashion. So I pressed all the right pieces and started sewing the parts together. The bag itself goes together fairly quickly. At 7:30, my needle broke while sewing over the zipper part and I spent nearly 30 minutes or longer searching for the missing pieces. That's right, one piece flew forward. The other still attached to the machine and the tip was missing. I hoped it was attached to the fabric, but it was not. I got up slowly in case it was on me (it wasn't) and went to get a flashlight and magnet. I had a needle once hit me above my eye, but thankfully this time I was only hit with a face full of fuzz. I turned off the machine and took apart the bottom half looking for the tip. I didn't realize how much fuzz was in the bobbin case area. I tried to take the needle out that was still attached to the machine and it fell into the bottom area. So I picked up the machine and gave it a gentle shake. I could hear things rattling inside but nothing fell out.

I got on my hands and knees and searched for the tip. Brushing my hand along the carpet very slowly looking everywhere. I was not very happy. I thought I'd just vacuum the area, but not knowing for sure was getting to me. I would only be satisfied if I found the tip.

While on my hands and knees, I said a little prayer asking God to help me find the tip. Only He knew where it was! I asked him to show me where it was.  I sat back up and cleaned out the machine as best as I could. It's good the needle broke because it forced me to clean out the machine. I found the top piece that had fallen through while giving the machine another shake. Even found another piece that broke off. Just when I felt the most helpless, I looked behind the machine and saw something glistening under a box that I had sitting there. It was the needle tip! Praise God! I've never been so happy! I knew that I could now enjoy the rest of my sewing night knowing that I would not be stepping on the tip.

I put the machine back together and sewed these pouches-

I spent more time fiddling with the zipper pull than I did sewing the actual pouches. I found this very helpful video which made my life so much easier. The trick is to pull both ends at the same time.

And here is the needle pieces-

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