Friday, February 24, 2017

Projects in progress

The local quilt shop has started a thing called projects in progress or PIPS. It's once a month and you just bring whatever project you are working on that needs to be finished. It's a fun way to fellowship with other like minded people.

I went in this morning and worked on my binding on my quilt. The owner had said I could use her machine since I don't have a walking foot for mine.

I got it nearly done before I had to leave for lunch. When I got back, I finished up the last piece and then started to hand sew it. It's coming along nicely, I think. It is so relaxing to me to hand stitch it.

Here's a sneak peek of the binding.

I had no idea putting binding on could be so easy. 

Years ago I bought a kit from the quilt shop for a table runner. I really had no idea what I doing, but finished it. The binding was the trickiest part. I winged it. Almost too embarrassed to show this picture but here is how I did it. 

See how bad this is? 

Well now that I know the proper way to do binding, I'm going to take out the old binding and put in some better binding. I've been hiding my table runner on the drawer all these years. 

There are hundreds of ways to do binding (I'm sure!) but thought I'd show in a later post how I learned to do mine. 

Stay tuned! 

One last horrifying picture. 

Here is the finished table runner with new improved binding. I love it!

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