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Farmhouse kitchen cloth

I found this pattern on ravelry. It reminds me of my knitted dish cloth with ridges pattern. It looks similar but is made differently.

Here is what I have so far.

This cloth is a set of six that I'm making for an order. I'll post up all six when I get the ends of the others weaved in. I'm trying to make six different cloths.

Mug rugs completed

It took me about a week to finish these.

Now I'm working on matching dishcloths.

Cast iron handle cover

After trying a cast iron handle cover pattern I found on ravelry and deciding it was too big, I decided to make my own.

I'm using an h hook and worsted cotton yarn.

I chained 5 stitches and using the magic style potholder pattern, it's looking pretty good. Look got my post about the magic style pot scrubber. Same concept.

Well, it fits the handle but it's too tight of a squeeze to get it on and off quickly. So, I tried another with a chain of 7. I didn't like it at first because it almost seems too big, but I decided I liked it that way after all. Easy on easy off. I may try a chain of 6 next time.

This is chain 7.

This is chain 5.
I like how they look so different.

Mug rugs

Since I sold out of my mug rugs at the local kitchen shop, I decided to make some more. This time, I tried a few new styles.

And received an order for 26 of them. I'm going to be busy!

Toddler dress.

I sewed this last week. My new favorite pattern. The whole dress takes about 30 minutes to make.

I hesitated buying this pattern for so long, but I love it!

I plan to make several more.

Halfway to completed goal.

I was feeling discouraged in making the purses so I took a break on them. I even thought of quitting but hubby encouraged me to keep it up.

I finished these last night.

Small batch tortillas

I tried a new recipe this week and it turned out great.

Makes 4 tortillas.

1 cup of flour
Dash of salt
1.5 Tablespoons of butter
1/3 cup hot water

Mix dry. Add butter and mix until crumbly. Add hot water. Knead until soft. Let set at least 30 minutes with a towel covering bowl. I like to soak in hot water and place in top without touching the dough.

Then roll into 4 equal pieces. Let rest another 15 minutes. Roll out. I like to roll and set aside sooo they are ready to cook one after the other.

Heat up griddle. Fry until puffy and flip over to cook the other side. Store underneath thick towels until ready to serve. This is the secret to keeping them soft!

Four more to add to the pile

I was able to use some material I already had, so for three of the purses I only had to use 1/3 yard each. My favorite one is the first one.

I've got plenty of material like the last two pictured. I really don't like to sew with it because of the fraying. Someone suggested fray check so I'll try that next time. I think a purse with a light green liner would look good too.

Sewing for fun not profit is much more enjoyable to me!

I'm on the hunt.

I'm in the hunt for fabric to be turned into purses. I've scoured my fabric bins and came up nearly empty. I should have known as I've been giving away fabric left and right and using up every bit that I had in other projects. If only I had thought to save what I had for the purses. But that's ok. I'm glad I shared with who I did. I needed to make room in my life for new things and that's one reason I was able to find this great group to sew for.

I'm really hoping to go to the thrift shop near my house to look for remnants that I can use. With what little scraps I found yesterday, I headed over to the quilt shop and bought these to use for the liners-

It took me almost the whole afternoon to just cut the pieces up. And then I started the sewing process. I'm almost halfway​ done and can't wait to share the finished pictures.

I've decided to sell all my pattern books that I'm not using, so that I can use that money to put towards fabric for fu…

Second purse completed

I love the fabric combo!

Sew it begins.

Today I'm taking my sewing in a different direction.

I had been searching for a new direction for my sewing for a long time, but it wasn't until a woman posted a picture of some purses she made for a group called Sew Powerful on facebook that it clicked and I realized I wanted to be a part of it!

I finished my first purse tonight. I don't know why but I was so nervous to make it. I sweated nervously, ripped out plenty of stitches, sewed straps without realizing I had no bobbin thread, but in the end, I got it done! Yay!

My goal is to have 20 to mail out by the deadline in October. I'm really excited to be able to sew these purses.

Carrot treat bags and the changes I made

Every once in awhile I'll come across a pattern that looks like fun to make, but I never bother to make it, because I'm too busy filling orders.

This is one of those patterns.

I knew I had to try making one! Or a few!

The first one I made on the left I made almost exactly as the instructions stated. Unfortunately, the link I used is no longer! But here is a similar one.  I couldn't figure out why it said to zigzag the edges before sewing it up, so I did it last. Then, I realized why. Oops! It's hard to press seams open when you've sewed them shut!!

Before I forget, please be sure when you cut the carrot material into the carrot shape-- make sure the fold is on the left hand side. If it's on the right, you might as well throw the material away. Cut it that way and you'll see what happens. I've done it a couple times by accident. :/

I also had trouble sewing the casing lines. Bunched up it looks fine, but spread open and my lines are uneven. Grrrr! Plus, …

Etsy- Good news/bad news

The good news is that I will keep my Etsy store open to resell craft supplies.

The bad news is that I will not be making any more handmade items to put in my shop other than what is already in progress. I have a few last straggling projects in the works.

My fabric stash is starting to dwindle (yay!) And when it's gone, I will be taking my craft life in a new direction. Of course, I will still make the occasional item for close friends​ and family. As well as make a few items for myself- something I don't do often enough.

I will buy my fabric as I need it. (A goal I have been working towards for a long time)

I'm excited to share what new project will be hogging all my attention, but not ready to talk about it yet.

Stay tuned!

Finished birdie quilt

Yay! I finally finished my quilt. I'm so glad it's done.

Scripture pouch part 2 of 10

Well, I finally figured out how I wanted to make the pouch...

Pics show the front and back. I do not have enough scraps to do the lining, so I'll have to buy that, but if I can make all the outer pieces with my scraps that will make me happy!

I really like to make the bottom of the bag with a boxy bottom so that's why I decided to do a border around it. I'm almost out of the two dozen zippers I ordered, so I'll likely have to make some drawstring pouches later on.

For now I'm having a blast with this fun challenge I created.

Finished bag-

And the back-

I've already got my third pouch idea milling in my head.

Scripture pouch part 1 of 10.

The other day I was at the local quilt shop learning how to do binding. (Again, because I had forgotten how!) and I looked over to see a quilt that was hanging on the wall. It was so pretty and it had words on it.

That's when I remembered that the shop sells verse panels. Of course, I had to google it when I got home to see what all could be made with them. Since I knew I didn't want to do another quilt right now, I started thinking about making pouches with the individual verses instead. This one formed in my head and I made it quickly.

This one is taking more effort. The idea was to use up only the scraps that I have without buying anymore fabric, but this is harder to do than I thought.

I knew I wanted to do a smaller border this time, but here is where I am stuck. I trimmed it down further but made it too skinny and now I am ripping it out and starting over. I want to make each pouch different and unique. (if possible) I'm not measuring as I go along, so I won't be…

Open wide pouches

Someone asked me how I make the tabs on these style bags. I'm currently working on a video tutorial showing how. Stay tuned!

I love the vibrant colors of this bag.

Candy wrapper pouches

I just finished making my first candy wrapper pouch. I tried before on a pretzel bag and while it looked good, just turning it inside out caused the bag to tear. That was disappointing! I also used tape on the bag like I saw in a video.

So, I tried it again only this time I bought some thin vinyl (which was less than $1 for a quarter of a yard!) and lightly ironed it on top of the candy wrapper. I sewed it with a basting stitch and while I still need to practice more, I like how it turned out.

The zipper was taken off a purse from the thrift shop. I was able to get several bag style zippers from one purse for less than $1. Not bad! They are great for practicing bags with.

I was hoping to find some iron on vinyl, but no store here sells any. I was wondering if heat transfer laminating sheets would work. Thoughts anyone? Still, the vinyl here seems to do the trick. I hope to sell some of these pouches someday in my Etsy shop, but I want to get better at them first. Work out all the err…

Notion pouches

I couldn't seem to get myself into a mood to sew more boxy pouches, so I gathered up these pieces that I had set aside for when my zippers came in and sewed these notion pouches. These are what I call my N.P.P's aka No Pattern Pouches. These are fun to make as I don't measure anything and just sew. I never know what size they will turn out to be.

I've listed them up as a set in my Etsy shop. If they don't sell that way, I'll list them separately. Shipping has gone up and now that I'm using the bubble wrap envelopes to ship them in, it's actually cheaper to get them as the set. You can keep one and give the others away as gifts. :-)

I had fun making them!

Cracker recipe

The other day my beloved was saying how he wanted to have crackers with our evening cheese snack. So of course I had to Google a recipe for some crackers. I was thinking of wheat thins that night so I looked for a similar recipe and found this.

I made it and they turned out delicious. I had trouble getting all the pieces to come out the same size though and since we count our calories I wanted them uniform in size.

So I went to the local kitchen shop and purchased this. I've had my eye on it for at least a year and thought it was time to buy it. So glad I did! They make the perfect sized crackers. If you're near Nevada, MO, be sure to buy it from Kitchen Essentials. I paid around $14 for mine.

Anyways, here are the crackers I made-

The tiny crackers should have been baked separately because they were done so much faster. I just need to practice getting them rolled the same thickness.