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I love smoothies. I drink one almost daily.

Here's how I make mine.

I start with either milk, juice or homemade yogurt. You can use storebought yogurt but I find it too tangy for me.

Then if I want greens in it, I'll put a handful or two and hit the liquify button. This makes it smooth with no green chunks!

After I've added the greens to it, I add FROZEN bananas to it cut into one inch chunks. If you add extra ripe bananas you won't need any sugar in it. It will be plenty sweet.  Set to blend until smooth. I usually add 1-2 cups yogurt and 2-4 bananas. If you use frozen bananas you won't have to dilute your smoothie with any ice to make it thick and creamy. (The blender I had at the time of writing this was an oster. It cost me around $30. I used it for over a year and it still works. )

Then, I add whatever frozen fruit I want whether it be frozen blueberries, blackberries, strawberries etc.

Paper making

A few weeks ago, I soaked some important documents in water in an attempt to destroy them. Now that we we moved to the city, we can't burn anymore. I didn't want to have to buy a paper shredder.

The soaking process was not going as well as I thought so I added a dollop of bleach to it and it started falling apart. And it kept the bucket from smelling. I changed out the water a few times and then I was left with a huge amount of paper pulp.

I've always been fascinated with the idea of making my own paper since I was a kid begging my parents to buy or build me a mold and deckle. I looked online for instructions to build my own but knew the chances of me actually getting one built was slim.

I figured why not try it with all this paper pulp I had.

I ended up finding a blog telling how to make paper using a splatter screen. I've seen them at the dollar store before so I thought what do I have to loose. I ended up blending the pulp further with my old blender, because dear s…

Rita's cheesecake

I had one box of cream cheese and was craving cheesecake so I decided to make my new favorite recipe. I actually tried it last month but couldn't post on blogger back then.

I had never made cheesecake before unless you count the no bake version that comes in a box! Lol.

The first one I made I used crushed Cheerios for the crust. (Substituted it for Graham crackers.) It turned out pretty good.

Tonight I wanted to try it with Graham crackers and it was great!

Here is the recipe.

Three bags in one night

I decided to tackle my fabric scraps today and get some bags made. I really need to make a dent on my craft supplies so I can justify buying more stuff.

I want to order more zippers but decided instead that I'm going to sew mini notion drawstring pouches instead. If I can sell them, then I'll use the money from them to buy more zippers.

Here are three bags I made tonight.

The first one has a handle on the sides. The other two have a loop style handle. I wanted to try the first style and succeeded. I cut out the squares 1.75 inches to make the handles and the rest of the boxy corners I sewed the triangles to measure 2 inches. I prefer to sew the triangles over cutting corners. 
I've got several more boxy bags to sew but only a couple zippers left. So, after that I'll be limited to drawstring pouches. I'm excited to try a zippered pouch within a drawstring bag though. I just need to get a short zipper. Which I think I can justify. I'm putting myself on a no-more-…

Baby quilt part one- deciding on pattern

My friend came over today and helped me lay out squares to figure out for a baby quilt.

We arranged them over and over again. I took pictures along way.

We decided we liked the idea of spacing it between white strips which we didn't have but I had an old bed sheet so we used it for visualization.

What do you think? We liked the one with the white best. Cool colors along the outside and warm colors on the inside.

Felted pouches part 1&2

Here is the pouch finished and turned inside out.

Here it is felted after it came out of the washer. It got all twisted up when it came out, but I was able to get it to lay better while it was wet. It still needs to be tweaked with.

I'm trying to decide how to decorate it. More pics to come!

Polka dot bag

A friend of mine asked me to sew her a bag awhile back. She had a particular color in mind, but living far apart it was hard to figure out what she meant. Until I sent her the picture of this fabric. Right away she fell in love with it.

So, I bought the material Tuesday and sewed the bag tonight.

Mailing it out tomorrow. I hope my friend likes the bag!

Fabric choices

I'm trading a bag for some yarn on ravelry so I decided to put her fabric choices here. If you are reading this and want to do a trade send me a pm too.

This is for the one sending me yarn to make chemo hats-

Write me back through ravelry -

First decide what style bag you want- then tell me what is the finished size you want. Standard sizes I make are 7 inches long by 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. I have plenty of zippers for this size. I can sew you a bag tonight.

The one shown above was part of a trade. She wanted a 12 inch long bag by 5-6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Now that I have a formula to use, making different sizes is easy peasy! I can make them pretty close to the size you are wanting. Standard bags have tabs on each side. This particular bag she wanted an extended tab turned into a handle. So decide what you want. Handle like this or just tabs. 

The lavender pic shows a bag I recently made. It's not for trade but I have enough of that fabric leftover to make …