Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reusable reversible shopping bags

My friend asked me last week why I don't use cloth bags for shopping knowing how much I hate the plastic ones. I told her we did use cloth ones years ago before it was "popular". Cashiers had a fit and customers behind us got mad at us for taking too long. Then we just quit and didn't use them anymore. 

She was surprised with all the sewing I do that I've never made any for myself. I told her I would make some this week. 

I've been looking just the right bag pattern, but didn't like any that I had seen. And I had been looking for quite some time long before she mentioned it to me. 

One search led to another and I finally found these. Google - The chilly dog reversible grocery bags. I like that these did not need any interfacing. While I like bags that can be stood upright, I was out of the stuff and wanted something easy to do without much thinking involved. It took me awhile to figure some things out, but once I did, I was hooked! I plan to sew a set of 8 from the bed sheets I used. 

See, I had sorted through my fabric stash determined to make a bag or two before I saw my friend. But I didn't have enough material. Then I remembered two vintage bed sheets that I had gotten with the purpose of using them for a cool craft project. I was thrilled when I liked the look of them together and was happy that I had enough material. 

This bag fits perfectly in my bike basket and will hold a lot of groceries. I do worry though about the bottom seam, so I think my next bags I do, I'll cut the material 20 by 40 and fold in half so there won't be a bottom seam. 

Here are the bags. The liner is the opposite color. 

One thing I've come to enjoy is to find material that I can repurpose. 

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