Sunday, September 18, 2016

Flat scrubber

One of the places I sell my scrubbers at, someone requested I make flat scrubbers. I've been making these round ones for years and this isn't the first time someone comes up with a new way for me to make them.

I've actually tried a wide variety of different styles and like the round ones best. But not just any round ones, but the double thickness ones. I like that they last for around 6 months or longer depending on how hard you use them. I actually had a lady tell me that I made them last too long and that I needed to make them with cheaper materials and more flimsy so people would have to buy more often. What!?? I refuse to do that!

I don't care that people will buy a handful I've or twice a year for themselves and friends and family. These take time to make whether made poorly or not. I like my scrubbers just these easy they are.

But to humor the lady that asked me to make a flat scrubber because she claimed food got stuck in the center hole, I decided to make her a flat scrubber. Now first of all, I've never had trouble with food getting caught in it. I will throw the scrubbers in the washing machine when they are dirty and air dry them. They can also be put in the dishwasher. Second of all I don't think she actually used them, but saw the hole and assumed food would get caught inside.

Anyways, here is the scrubber I made her. I used the same netting in all my scrubbers. Same width cut, six strips because I've actually been using only 6 per round scrubber as I like the size they are.

What I did was-
I followed the same instructions for the first 2 strips. Then for the 3rd strip, I did this- *SC in next 3 chains. 2 SC in next chain. Repeat * until you add next strip. Then with 4th step- *SC in next 4 chains, 2 SC in next chain. Repeat as before. I followed this pattern adding one sc per each strip as the number I was on to keep track of what strip I was working on.

It is a nice scrubber but I prefer my thick ones. When these get wet. They flatten out quite considerably. There just isn't much to hold on to, when using these flat ones. I'm not impressed, lol!


Patrick and Emily said...

I wonder if they were made like the potholes you made she might like them? At least this looks pretty.

thetreasuresofmyheart said...

I asked her about that but she didn't want them double thick with a "hidden" layer.

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