Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boxy bag for bicycle basket

I just got a new bicycle basket so I wanted to sew a boxy bag to fit exactly inside. I wanted to make a practice one first as I wasn't exactly sure it would turn out.

I found a formula that tells me what size I need to cut to get the finished product.

I used a fusible fleece to help hold its shape but it's still pretty floppy. I hoped to have enough material left for a handle but didn't. But I'm going to take it apart to put one in so I can carry it with ease.

This is what it looked like after cutting out the corners. I was convinced I'd messed it up, because I'd never cut such a large corner before, but it came out exactly the size I wanted it to be. 

I got to try it out today as I rode my bicycle to knitting group. It fit great inside my reusable reversible shopping bag. 

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