Monday, June 13, 2016

Three bags in one night

I decided to tackle my fabric scraps today and get some bags made. I really need to make a dent on my craft supplies so I can justify buying more stuff.

I want to order more zippers but decided instead that I'm going to sew mini notion drawstring pouches instead. If I can sell them, then I'll use the money from them to buy more zippers.

Here are three bags I made tonight.

The first one has a handle on the sides. The other two have a loop style handle. I wanted to try the first style and succeeded. I cut out the squares 1.75 inches to make the handles and the rest of the boxy corners I sewed the triangles to measure 2 inches. I prefer to sew the triangles over cutting corners. 

I've got several more boxy bags to sew but only a couple zippers left. So, after that I'll be limited to drawstring pouches. I'm excited to try a zippered pouch within a drawstring bag though. I just need to get a short zipper. Which I think I can justify. I'm putting myself on a no-more-buying supplies until I used up what I've got. 

And just last week, this arrived in the mail-

So I've got a bunch of new ideas on what to sew next.

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