Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fabric choices

I'm trading a bag for some yarn on ravelry so I decided to put her fabric choices here. If you are reading this and want to do a trade send me a pm too.

This is for the one sending me yarn to make chemo hats-

Write me back through ravelry -

First decide what style bag you want- then tell me what is the finished size you want. Standard sizes I make are 7 inches long by 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. I have plenty of zippers for this size. I can sew you a bag tonight.

The one shown above was part of a trade. She wanted a 12 inch long bag by 5-6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Now that I have a formula to use, making different sizes is easy peasy! I can make them pretty close to the size you are wanting. Standard bags have tabs on each side. This particular bag she wanted an extended tab turned into a handle. So decide what you want. Handle like this or just tabs. 

The lavender pic shows a bag I recently made. It's not for trade but I have enough of that fabric leftover to make at least a standard size like above. The lavender bag is called an open wide boxy bag. I can make that in four sizes. The lavender is the largest size. About 12 inches long measuring on the top. The sunflower print shows the liner material I have, if you chose that one, the largest I can make is the standard size, but if I went with a different liner I can make a slightly bigger one. The dinosaur print I can make a larger size of. The other two just a standard size. The last photo shows the middle choice as being a suitable match for either outer print.

Let me know if any of these interest you, if not, I'll dig around in my fabric stash to see what else I've got.

Here are some other sizes to the open wide boxy bags. The green one shows the smallest size. The blue one shows a fourth size with extending tabs on both sides. I recommend them for both sides rather than just on one side like these lavender.

I have some of this material but it's upcycled from a dress. Some people think that is cool, others not so much. :-)

I hope I have not made this too complicated. :-)

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