Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Project bag trade for yarn.

I've been having trouble with blogger app lately and feeling very frustrated about the whole thing. I know most people don't blog anymore, but I enjoy it!

I finally figured out how to upload pics again, so here are some recent pictures of things I've made. And apparently I can't upload more than a one at a time! Lol.

Here is a sheep boxy bag.

I traded this for some brown sheep nature spun yarn. I've been wanting to create some hand made pouches again.

I'll update more photos as I get the pouch done. I'm thinking of making a knitting needle or crochet hook pouch first. I plan to needle felt a design on it.


dana mcgrew said...

I'm so glad I found this post since I'm the one who traded the yarn for the Sheep bag. I just wanted to say I am so very impressed with the quality and professionalism in this bag. I've been sewing for years and I'm a stickler quality points such as seams matching, crisp corners, and invisible hand stitching. She surpassed all expectations on this bag. Absolutely worth whatever price she would choose to sell them for.

thetreasuresofmyheart said...

Thank you for the kind words!

dana mcgrew said...

This is my third time trying to leave a comment. I'm persevering because of the high quality of the bag that I received. Mine is the one pictured on this post. I've sewn for years and I'm a stickler for quality work. Noelle's quality of work surpasses work in most small production shops I've seen. She's taken time to match prints,do invisible hand stitching and sewn beautiful straight lines. Well done Noel. Put me on your mailing list so I can buy some.

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