Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I sold more scrubbers last month than I usually do so yesterday I spent the day making more. I cut up all the rest of my netting. It was about 10 yards.

I made the multi colored ones over the weekend. I just grabbed a different color each time out of the leftover stash to make those. I usually have one or two leftover strips that aren't enough for a full scrubber. Some people like them the best. The solid colored ones I made on Monday. I have enough netting to make 10 more then I'll have to order more netting. To get free shipping, I'll order $50 worth. I usually pick out a yard of sheep fabric then to make 4 boxy bags with. I've been getting a lot of practice in making those boxy bags. They don't take me long to do. I tried a new pattern this week and made three. I can already see an improvement in them, but still like the regular boxy bags too. 

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