Sunday, May 22, 2016

Noodlehead boxy bag

I bought some special material to try to make  noodle head's boxy pouch. I looked forward all weekend to sewing it.

I tried. I failed. I forgot that my machine does not like to sew starting on the edge. I usually have to start an inch from the edge or else the thread bunches.

So I tried to rip out my work and ended up putting a hole in the fabric! So, I cut off an inch to the width and sewed a no guts boxy pouch.

I wish blogger would let me add pics because the finished result turned out awesome! The bag was 5x4x3.5 I love the size!!!

I took some more material and made a noodle head pouch. Sort of. I did my own thing at first to accommodate my machine.

I plan to sew another one Tuesday and thought I'd blog what I did in case anyone wants to try it this way. Basically, I used the no guts tutorial for the changes.

Until next time!

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