Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lavender boxy bag

I made this for a lady who has cancer. I am putting together a package of things for her to take to the hospital. I actually haven't met her before, but she is friend's with someone I know.

I crocheted her a chemo cap with purple yarn. I found out yesterday her favorite color is purple. I didn't know when I started making her these things.

I plan to fill the boxy bag with other things I think she may like.

If you have any ideas what else I can put in it, please leave a comment below. I hope to make her several colored caps. Some ginger candy. (Helps with nausea) and some toiletries.

I got the dimensions for the lavender bag using noodle heads large pattern. I could not figure out how to construct the bags using either coats and Clark and noodle head's directions so I used the instructions from no guts boxy tutorial. She explains it the best way. So not complicated! 

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