Monday, March 7, 2016

Trip down memory lane

I found some old photos today and wanted to share some pictures here:

A few of my first dish cloths I ever knit.

Some hats I knit for friends.

This one was made for the above kid's sister. I taught her to knit one year and how to use a knitting loom. I can't believe they're both all grown up now!

Lip balm holders I once made and tagged for a flea market where I used to sell at.

 socks made for hubby

 crochet bone rug placemat- this pattern works great for tshirt yarn. I made plenty of these rugs that way.

 crochet brim hat

 completed socks for hubby

scarves for relatives, slippers for relatives and crochet headbands to sell

crochet water bottle holder. worked great but the straps stretched way too much!

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