Monday, February 1, 2016

Baked pancakes- yum!!

Last week I made some pancake bites and froze them for meals later.

This morning I heated up 9 of them for breakfast. They are only 34 calories each. They tasted wonderful. They reminded me of waffles. I am happy that hubby bought me the mini muffin pans and that I thought to try them this way. I doubt I'll make the squares again. The squares were 114 calories. By the way the pancake bites made 48 bite sized pancakes. 

I found the awesome recipe here.

sorry I had to just copy and paste.

 She found it on another site that reviewed them as being bland and tasteless. I can see maybe the way they made it with just an eggwhite, but the comments people made about adding pecans to it made me realize they didn't know it was pancakes. I am guessing they thought it should taste like cake baked in a pan?

The recipe from there link I shared tastes just like what they are supposed to be. Pancakes.

These are delicious with syrup drizzled on top.

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