Sunday, February 28, 2016

Scrubbers galore

Went on a trip and took enough netting to make 22 scrubbers. Finished them all! My hands are so sore so I'm taking the week off from crafting!

Just a sample of what I made.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Yogurt batch 2

I decided to try making another batch of yogurt with the milk I froze.

This is how I made this batch-

I heated the milk up to 185 degrees. I decided to keep it in jars to avoid scorching.  Then let it cool to 110-115 degrees. I preheated the dehydrator to 110 degrees while the milk was cooling.

It took about 30 minutes to cool. So I used that time to try out my new watch. My beloved got me a DVD set for Christmas of Leslie Sansone and recently bought me a vivosmart hr. I always knew the calorie count was off just entering it into My fitness pal. I had a great workout.

After the milk cooled, I mixed some of the cooled milk to the starter I had set out ahead of time to get at room temperature. (2 Tablespoons starter) Then I poured it into the jar, mixed it well and sealed it up and set into the dehydrator. I learned from a good friend that the secret was to put it just inside the door.

It stayed in the dehydrator for 4 hours before it set up.

Afterwards, I put it in the refrigerator to cool.

Tried a small bowl of it tonight and it tastes great! Mild and sweet. Not sour and tangy. Which is just the way I wanted it. :-)

Monday, February 8, 2016


After spending an entire week reading about how to make yogurt, I must say the thought of making it sounded terrifying. There were so many different ways to make it and they all made it sound like theirs was the only right way. So many temperatures, so many starter cultures, I finally got to the point of not being able to read any more recipes.

I "talked" to a friend who had made it before and got plenty of good advice from her. My raw milk was delivered today so I took the plunge and decided I was ready to make a batch.

This morning I made a batch of English muffins for the week. They turned out great. I sampled one for breakfast. Yum!

There are plenty of great recipes out there. I chose this one. Google: thecookinggeek and you'll find it. My batch made 9. I patted it out and used a glass to cut the circles. I baked it for 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees. I sprinkled cornmeal on the cookie sheet. Turned the rounds over and covered the other side with cornmeal. I used 1/4 cup of cornmeal. Calories are 124 per muffin.

Anyways, this is how I made my yogurt-

I heated 2 quarts of milk in a pot to 115 degrees. Added 2 teaspoons yogurt starter to a cup and added some warm milk to it and stirred it together. Added it back to the main pot. And poured it into clean sterilized jars. Put the lids on them. Set in Excalibur dehydrator and put temperature of 110. Let it sit for 8 hours. I was told that it sat a little longer than necessary, but that it was fine. I tasted it and it was yummy!

Now the jars are sitting in the refrigerator overnight. Waiting to be consumed in the morning.

I don't know why I was so scared to make yogurt. I can't believe it took me so long to make it before since I love yogurt so much and hate buying it from the store.

I was supposed to sew today but couldn't get in the mood. Hoping to tomorrow. I've got tote bags to make.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Long but fun day

Went on bus trip with hubby. After dropping off the kids, we stopped and got some breakfast at a place called Perkins. They had good pancakes and three types of yummy syrup. Afterwards,  we went to Walmart. I picked up two sheets of stickers. Our Walmart has nothing like these. Loved the selection there.

Bought two pink weights so I can do my toning exercises on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Three pounds each.

Went back to the school after that and waited for my sister to arrive. She and a friend ordered some scrubbers from me so I gave them to her. She gave me a cool bag. Then we dropped off kids for lunch and visited a neat shop called fabric recycles. At first glance of seeing it, I didn't want to go in. Looked boring. But after entering inside, it was awesome! Rows of fabric in bundles of all colors. Scrapbooking supplies, embroidery, cross stitch. I mentioned to my sister that I was looking for grape themed fabric. To which she pointed and said, "you mean like this?" And showed me a bundle exactly like I was wanting!! I'd seen some online for $10+ a yard and this was marked for under $6! I bought it as well as another bundle of a wine theme. I was thrilled!!

So much to look at. It was hard to not buy more. Then we headed to a Christian owned health food store in hopes of finding kefir grains or a yogurt starter. Sadly their refrigerator had recently gone out and were out of stock.

I did find a large bag of Prince of Peace instant ginger tea. The stash I was given for my b-day was nearly depleted, so I was happy to get more. This tea is awesome!

Then we took kids back to school and dropped them off. We were hungry so we went to chick fil a for lunch. I have never seen it so crowded before. There was no place to park. It was so packed inside we almost left. We managed to find one table but then the chairs were taken! So we asked around until we found the chairs from other tables not being used. Ate lunch and went shopping at home depot and tj maxx. It was there I picked up two boxes of gin gins ginger candy. And a tin of vanilla spice tea. I hadn't seen that flavor before and was excited to find it for $5!

From there we went and visited a cool stained glass store. It was amazing to see all the handiwork that others had made. Two poodle type service dogs graced the place. My sister was surprised that they remained calm and didn't knock any glass over. They had pieces for sale, and offered classes. Makes me wish we lived in a larger place with opportunities like that!

Went to Sears and looked around. And then visited a store called Tuesday Morning. I've only read about it on Ravelry. It was a great store. I found two packages of German gingerbread wafer cookies. My all time favorite treat!!!! I've seen them at TJ Maxx before for $2.99 and was thrilled to find them there for a dollar less! Since I'm lucky to only find them two or three times a year, I bought two packages.

We started to head back to the school when my sister remembered she left something she found at TJ Maxx so we went back to get it. It was a wooden base that holds marbles for a solitaire game. Regularly priced for $20, and she got it for $2- though they did originally say it was $.99 it was still a great deal.

Back to the school we went. Visited a bit more and then my sister left. Hubby and I sat on the bus and I knitted several inches on my scarf before it was time to go.

When I got home, I had a package waiting on me. Some yarn I ordered from a raveler's stash. A perfect ending to a great day!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Texas grapefruit

I went to log my grapefruit into my fitness pal and found that it weighed 371 grams. So, I researched whether or not when you put in the weight you peel the fruit first. You do!

After peeling it, it weighed 261 grams. Yay!

Sitting down to enjoy this sweet treat!

I bought these at Woods. They are non gmo verified. Texas sweet Scarlett's grapefruit. They are so sweet and juicy.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Baked pancakes- yum!!

Last week I made some pancake bites and froze them for meals later.

This morning I heated up 9 of them for breakfast. They are only 34 calories each. They tasted wonderful. They reminded me of waffles. I am happy that hubby bought me the mini muffin pans and that I thought to try them this way. I doubt I'll make the squares again. The squares were 114 calories. By the way the pancake bites made 48 bite sized pancakes. 

I found the awesome recipe here.

sorry I had to just copy and paste.

 She found it on another site that reviewed them as being bland and tasteless. I can see maybe the way they made it with just an eggwhite, but the comments people made about adding pecans to it made me realize they didn't know it was pancakes. I am guessing they thought it should taste like cake baked in a pan?

The recipe from there link I shared tastes just like what they are supposed to be. Pancakes.

These are delicious with syrup drizzled on top.

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