Monday, January 18, 2016

And another use at that!

I was thinking what else I could use the wine totes for and after looking up ideas on Pinterest, I came up with another idea...

Mason jar holders. The totes are padded so they offer a bit of insulation. It holds a standard quart jar. I don't have any wide mouth jars on me so I don't know if they will fit. But if you're like me and liked to drink tea or lemonade out of a mason jar, it works great! You can also hold a pint sized jar in it. Taking some soup or salad to work? It even holds a half pint jar to keep your croutons or crackers in. Add a fork or spoon and a napkin and you're all set!

Unlike other tote patterns I found that have an attached handle, this one is built in so no chance of it coming loose!

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