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First and hopefully last hail storm of the year

I made it through our first real hail storm in the camper. It's hailed a tiny bit before but not like this. It was really loud but thank goodness no damage to the camper was done. At one point I grabbed the mattress and slid under it with the dog. It only slides off a tiny bit before hitting the doors, but just enough to hide my head and upper body under. It's better than nothing. Missy didn't seem to mind the loud pounding noises, but then again she can sleep through me vacuuming the house! (Sometimes)She only had a fit when I locked her in the bathroom to take some pictures outside. It never occurred to me to take pictures as it was hailing. Here are a few shots I got afterwards.

Missy's routine

I started this blog post in late April but had trouble with blogger app so it never posted. I wanted to finish it.Missy has set herself up on a bit of a routine around here. In the morning, she usually comes down to the living room and has "Papa cuddles" before hubby has breakfast. Then she climbs back in her bed and waits for me. I make the bed and get a blanket at which point, Missy props her paws up asking to come up. It's the only time she's allowed on the bed. Well, unless I'm there with her. I scoop her up and she cuddles at my feet or lays by the window bed I've made for her. We sleep in until 7:00. She hears the bus kids leave and knows it's time to play outside. I leave the curtains shut before this time and as long as it's dark inside, she sleeps. But once the curtains are opened and the sun shines in, it's time to get up. If I don't want to sleep and want to check my email, I hide under the covers to read, because if the light is on…

Looms and bags

I worked last week on sewing bags for the looms I'm getting rid of. I wanted to love loom knitting but it's just not for me. Here are the bags I made:

Winner of pattern giveaway- now closed.

Congratulations goes to Dawn Friday. I will contact you shortly to get you your patterns.

Stay tuned as I will have another drawing this year.

Until next time!

Project bags for sale!

I got to cleaning out my closet and found some material I had set aside to sew into project bags that were missing either the liner or the accent piece so headed over to the local quilt shop and got help on finding some matching fabric. I'm pleased with how they turned out considering the material didn't all come from the same place. Here are the bags. I've got them listed for sale on Ravelry.This is one of my favorite sewing patterns. You can find the pattern here. She also makes a paid pattern with several different sizes. I've made almost every size so far. They are fun fast and easy to make!The second one has an orange with sprinkle look lining.