Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tea wallets and scrubbers

I've been selling my tea wallets and scrubbers at a local kitchen store and last week the owner emailed me to tell me that my stash there was getting low.

I went and bought some fabric from the quilt shop next door from the kitchen store and planned to sew 8 tea wallets over the weekend. I promised the kitchen store I'd have some delivered Monday.

Friday the last day of school before Christmas break, I went to Hubby's workplace and cooked up a batch of biscuits for their get together. It was the week we stopped counting our calories and I was excited to be able to eat as many canned biscuits as I wanted without worrying about the calorie count. I grew up eating them and always liked them.

So I was surprised when I found out that I didn't care for the taste of them anymore.

After the breakfast party, I crocheted almost a dozen scrubbers. I helped wash dishes and washed my hands numerous times in the bathroom with their heavy duty soap. By the end of the afternoon my hands were raw feeling and cracked and bleeding. Ouch! The tips of my fingers looked like I had paper cuts on them.

That night, I cut out all the material I could for the tea wallets until my hands started bleeding again and I had to put everything away.

I still had scrubbers left to make but decided to wait until Sunday to make.

I was so excited when I remembered some herbal salve that my friend "E" had given me earlier this year. I rubbed it on and put some plastic gloves on. Within an hour, the pain in my hands was gone and my hands were feeling much better. I did this treatment again when I went to bed and wore socks on my hands to help keep the salve on.

By the next morning, my hands felt almost as good as new.

Sunday I found I could wear a pair of winter gloves and still handle the crocheted strips of netting. It took me twice as long to make a scrubber but I got my quota done.

Then I sewed the tea wallets up and set them aside to drop off Monday.

It was a good but busy weekend.

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