Monday, December 28, 2015

A good day for sewing

I woke up today and found an old notebook that had some notes in it that I wrote six months ago for a crochet hook case.
I set the idea aside all this time though I'm not sure why.
Cut out the pieces and sewed up the case. It turned out almost exactly what I had in mind.

Then, I gathered the dress pieces I cut out earlier this week and sewed up the peasant style dress.

After that, I cut up two fat quarters that I bought over a year ago to make a Japanese knot bag. I was dreading it for so long and couldn't believe how long it took me to sew. I think it took longer to cut out the pieces than it did to make it. I used to have trouble with the v part coming out bunched. After some fiddling I got it done and smooth as can be. I ended up top stitching it too.
Love my new bag!!

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