Monday, December 28, 2015

A good day for sewing

I woke up today and found an old notebook that had some notes in it that I wrote six months ago for a crochet hook case.
I set the idea aside all this time though I'm not sure why.
Cut out the pieces and sewed up the case. It turned out almost exactly what I had in mind.

Then, I gathered the dress pieces I cut out earlier this week and sewed up the peasant style dress.

After that, I cut up two fat quarters that I bought over a year ago to make a Japanese knot bag. I was dreading it for so long and couldn't believe how long it took me to sew. I think it took longer to cut out the pieces than it did to make it. I used to have trouble with the v part coming out bunched. After some fiddling I got it done and smooth as can be. I ended up top stitching it too.
Love my new bag!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Felt pattern pieces

These are now the pattern pieces for five different sewing projects. Now when I need to cut out the pieces I just lay the felt down and trace. The felt sticks to the fabric so no need to pin in place. This is especially helpful when tracing curvy pieces.


A friend of mine sent me some yarn and fabric last month. Out of the fabric some was huge amounts of felt. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with it.
I decided to wash it first but wasn't sure if it would shrink or not. Luckily it did not and now it's all ready to be used.
I decided since I'm always losing my notes on certain projects that I would use some of the felt for pattern pieces. This will speed things up when I want to sew, because the felt sticks nicely to the fabric I'm cutting.
The purl Soho dog pattern will be what I make first. I plan to get some Ziploc bags to keep each project in. And then organize it in some sort of accordion folder.
Plans today are to cut out pattern pieces.

Finishing what I started

Yesterday I decided to dig through my two boxes of crafts and look for my needle gauge. I knew it was in one of those boxes but didn't know which.
I emptied out both boxes and sorted everything out. One box contains all things knitting and spinning. The other all things sewing, embroidering etc...
I still want to get a dresser or something better to organize it but for now this works.
I found my 18 tea wallets that needed buttons sewn on, so I grabbed my button jar and started sewing. I had just enough buttons to sew them all. Yeah!
My goal was to crochet a handful of scrubbers yesterday but only got one done. I'd like to have several hundred done before next Christmas. I better get busy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fall projects

Tea wallets and scrubbers

I've been selling my tea wallets and scrubbers at a local kitchen store and last week the owner emailed me to tell me that my stash there was getting low.

I went and bought some fabric from the quilt shop next door from the kitchen store and planned to sew 8 tea wallets over the weekend. I promised the kitchen store I'd have some delivered Monday.

Friday the last day of school before Christmas break, I went to Hubby's workplace and cooked up a batch of biscuits for their get together. It was the week we stopped counting our calories and I was excited to be able to eat as many canned biscuits as I wanted without worrying about the calorie count. I grew up eating them and always liked them.

So I was surprised when I found out that I didn't care for the taste of them anymore.

After the breakfast party, I crocheted almost a dozen scrubbers. I helped wash dishes and washed my hands numerous times in the bathroom with their heavy duty soap. By the end of the afternoon my hands were raw feeling and cracked and bleeding. Ouch! The tips of my fingers looked like I had paper cuts on them.

That night, I cut out all the material I could for the tea wallets until my hands started bleeding again and I had to put everything away.

I still had scrubbers left to make but decided to wait until Sunday to make.

I was so excited when I remembered some herbal salve that my friend "E" had given me earlier this year. I rubbed it on and put some plastic gloves on. Within an hour, the pain in my hands was gone and my hands were feeling much better. I did this treatment again when I went to bed and wore socks on my hands to help keep the salve on.

By the next morning, my hands felt almost as good as new.

Sunday I found I could wear a pair of winter gloves and still handle the crocheted strips of netting. It took me twice as long to make a scrubber but I got my quota done.

Then I sewed the tea wallets up and set them aside to drop off Monday.

It was a good but busy weekend.

Green smoothie leather

Last week I decided to make a batch of dried banana leather.

I made one batch of banana cocoa and the other I wanted to try my green smoothie into a leather.

Both turned out great.

The green smoothie one has only bananas, peaches and organic lettuce in it. I thought about adding a sweetener to it but glad I didn't. It dried plenty sweet and tastes great! Can't even tell it's "healthy". I think from now on I will always add some sort of vegetable in my fruit leathers.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mug rugs

I found this fun fast easy pattern while searching on Pinterest last night. I've seen these as pot holders before but always thought they were so hard to make. I can't believe how fast and easy they were!! The longest part was deciding on which fabrics to use.

The fabric pack was a gift from my pen pal last year. I made a few scissor holders with them, but wanted to make something else and wasn't sure what.

I was glad to find this pattern.

Cell phone zippered pouches

Last week a friend asked me to sew her a cell phone holder that she wanted to give to a friend. So I took out my supplies and started to d...