Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crayon tote

A friend loaned me a crayon tote last month and asked if I could make something similar.

I looked on Pinterest, etsy, and Google for a similar pattern. Could not find anything the same but found tons of other ideas. One of which I'm still working on.

So I played around with some measurements and sewed a blue one. I really thought I took a picture of it, but sadly did not.

The only problem with it is I forgot about seam allowances and it came out smaller than I intended. It held a kids activity pack.

Still it was a hit and quickly purchased at $8.

So when asked to make another, I could not remember how I made it.

This morning I sat down and took notes as I went along and made this. (Black swirls)

I intended to have a button closure but the pocket came out shorter than I wanted so I improvised.

I kind of like how it turned out. I have strips of Velcro in the front to accommodate extra books.

But I doubt I'll make another. I have too much fun making them from scratch and having each one turn out different. Still, I will keep my notes and blog about it later.

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