Saturday, August 15, 2015

Stationary keeper

For some reason I thought to Google this the other day though I can't remember what got me thinking of it.

I was disappointed that I couldn't find much information out there on the subject.

I know some people don't write letters these days but I am lucky to have about fifteen pen pals that not only flood my mailbox with letters but I also do the same for them.

Anyways I read someplace about making a stationary holder out of a placemat but sadly no free directions were given on how to make it.

So, several weeks ago I bought a placemat for $2 and decided to make one myself. But I was too chicken until yesterday to try to sew one.

What was I waiting for? It  was a piece of cake. Using some tablets I got at the store, I started sewing. I didn't measure anything until I was done and it just happened to fit everything I had in mind. Although I was originally thinking of a sticker pocket, and completely forgot about envelopes, the two fit in there fine.

I made the stamp pocket larger to accommodate the larger stamps I had. They do fit regular ones just fine.

These particular placemats are great because I just sewed down the grooves.

I'll share the measurements later this week.

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