Friday, May 22, 2015

Knit picks needles

My dear sweet hubby ordered these needles for me a week or so ago, and they came in the mail yesterday.

I really like them. I was trying to decide between these and the bamboo hiya hiya needles. I was fortunate to be able to try them both out beforehand.

I actually thought I'd go with the latter set until I ordered a "try it set" from knit picks.  I was hooked! The needles took a bit of adjusting but in no time my needles were flying!

I was worried that my fingertips would feel the points, but since using them I haven't used my fingertips once to slide the yarn off. The yarn just slides right off!

I haven't knitted this way before but loving it. Lol.

I've got two projects going so far on them, but keeping it a secret as they are gifts.

Will post up pics when received.

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