Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First and hopefully last hail storm of the year

I made it through our first real hail storm in the camper. It's hailed a tiny bit before but not like this.

It was really loud but thank goodness no damage to the camper was done.

At one point I grabbed the mattress and slid under it with the dog. It only slides off a tiny bit before hitting the doors, but just enough to hide my head and upper body under. It's better than nothing.

Missy didn't seem to mind the loud pounding noises, but then again she can sleep through me vacuuming the house! (Sometimes)

She only had a fit when I locked her in the bathroom to take some pictures outside.

It never occurred to me to take pictures as it was hailing.

Here are a few shots I got afterwards.

1 comment:

PurlingPenny said...

Oh my Noel...... good thing you were inside, that would have positively been painful to be out in! Glad all is well.

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