Thursday, March 26, 2015

Training Missy part one

I'd never housetrained a puppy before and frankly didn't think I was up for the challenge. But when we found out that our friends couldn't keep Missy, we asked if we could have her. They said yes as long as they could have visitation rights. :-)

When we first got Missy, I would feed her and watch her closely afterwards. Then I'd take her outside about every twenty minutes to "potty outside". Each time she would go I'd praise her excessively and sometimes give her a treat.

By the end of her first day with us, she seemed to have gotten it. She goes to the door when she has to go. We ask her each time, "Do you need to go outside?" And if she does she'll bump her nose on the door. She has gone twice in the house in the past month we've had her. Both times she told me she had to go, but I missed her signals. I think it's important if you're going to have a puppy to stay close to them to learn their signals. I never make a big deal when she has an accident. I just clean up the mess. Show her the area and say no in a firm voice and that's it.

A friend recommended these to me. Pet tablets. You dissolve one in a spray bottle. I'm quite impressed. It gets the smell out as well as the stain. I use it for laundry stains as well.

We got her a leash early on because I wanted her to get used to one. We haven't gone on walks yet except around the yard and she doesn't try to chew the leash anymore. It helped that I dabbed some orange oil on it because at first she did chew on it.

I've noticed she is very private about going number two. If I praise her while she's going or even talk to her she will usually stop or try to hide. The best purchase I've made was to buy her an extendable leash. I've been using it for her nighttime potty breaks and she seems to like it. She can go off and be "far away" while she does her business, yet I don't have to worry about her running off after a skunk or something. 

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