Thursday, March 26, 2015

In the beginning.

We took Missy for her second vet visit during spring break and the vet said she was 3 months old. I would have guessed she was older but she hasn't lost her puppy teeth yet.
It's been a fun experience having her. I've learned a lot and continue to daily.
We've had her for a month now. Sometimes it seems like she's been here forever.
The first night we got her we gave her a bath and a flea pill from Wal-Mart. She had a bad reaction to it. I don't recommend it. Apparently running around like she was on fire was a normal thing. She was itching and scratching herself on everything around her. I let her outside but realized she could hurt herself out there so I ended up holding her instead. She panted and whined and started burning up. I just comforted her as best as I could.
She finally settled down and we put her inside her crate and she slept the whole night.
We thought to ourselves this isn't too bad. The people we got her from said she wouldn't sleep at night and would howl and cry.
The next day she played all day and fell asleep around six in the evening. When it was time for us to go to bed at nine, she was sound asleep. I should have just tucked her right into bed but took her out for one final potty break. We came in and put her in the crate and laid down.
She immediately began crying and howling. We thought to ourselves she'll settle down. She did not. Hubby had taken a bus trip that day and was exhausted but off the next day.
We ignored her at first but the cries got louder each time. She at one point sounded like a baby crying. We tried to be strong and let her cry herself to sleep as her previous owners had done when they locked her in the bathroom each night.
If we went down to her cage, she'd stop howling. But the moment we left she'd start again.
Finally after a few minutes, hubby took her out and sat in his chair in the living room. She laid beside him and fell asleep. He intended to put her back in the crate but ended up sleeping himself in his chair until morning. We were concerned that she would chew a cord while we slept but she slept the whole time.
The next morning hubby got called out on a last minute bus trip. I felt bad that he'd slept all night in his chair thinking he could sleep in the next day.
When he came home he had a baby gate with him. We used it to keep her in the bedroom with us. Got her a squishy soft bed and placed in near ours. When it was close to bedtime, I took her out for her final break and we brushed our teeth and she climbed into her bed! As if she'd always done that. And she knows the routine now.
The first two weeks we had her, hubby would wake me up in the middle of the night when she had to go to the bathroom. I slept right through her asking to go!  She would go outside about every two hours, right about the time I'd just fallen asleep. :/
Then she would come in and want to eat or play. Trying to throw a ball at two in the morning is hard. She would romp around for thirty minutes and sleep another two or three hours.
One night I decided to try something different. I left all the lights off and whispered to her when I took her out. Then when we came back inside, I lifted her back over the baby gate and climbed back into bed. It only took her a few times to realize it was time for sleep not playtime.
Also, when it's time for bed, hubby and I yawn loudly a few times. She usually starts yawning herself and settles right down!

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