Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Green smoothie

My first experience with a green smoothie was at a raw foods class I took in Kansas. While I doubt I could ever eat 100% raw as my instructor does, I learned a great deal in her class.

The smoothie she made though was not my favorite from the foods we sampled. Taking a sip and then having to chew the lettuce greens was less than appetizing to me.

Yesterday I made my first green smoothie and found it superb.

Here's how I made mine-

1 cup milk (you can use any liquid)
1 cup organic salad greens

I liquefied first. Then blended:

1 banana
4 slices of frozen peaches
1 scoop strawberry jam (HFCS free) for extra sweetness.

It made two large glasses and I was stuffed afterwards.

1 comment:

Patrick and Emily said...

That looks really yummy!

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