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School is out! Yipee!

Today was the last day of school. I've been counting the "Sundays" since January. I figured there were less days that way to count, rather than each individual day, lol! While I enjoyed the snow days last winter, I did not like that they extended school an extra week! I'll have to remember that, when I'm hoping for the day off next winter.

This week I went and picked strawberries with my friend, "L" at the local strawberry farm. My goal was to pick 6 pounds since that is how much the bucket holds (at $1.75 a pound- what a deal for local fresh strawberries!) but the bucket only weighed 3.81 pounds by the time we got done with our rows. I'm not complaining, I've got two ziploc bags of frozen strawberries that will be made into jam later this year. I'm planning on going back next week and picking with my friend, "G" and Nick plans to pick as well. Yay for more strawberries! I'd really like to try dehydrating some this year too. I&…

Gardening, Embroidery and more

Wow! I can't believe it's already been a week since I last posted. I'm so excited that school will be out soon! I'm counting the days!!

I've come up with a cleaning plan to clean our home daily. I realized that there are basically three phases to cleaning the house.

Phase One-
Make the bed
Open curtains
Clear up counters in bathroom
Wash dishes, set to dry
Fold blankets in living room
Put away shoes
Start laundry

It's amazing that just doing these things really spruces up the place. This list gets done daily right after Nick leaves for work.

Then, there's Phase two-

Put dry dishes away
Clean off counters in kitchen and table
Wipe down bathroom counters
Swish toilet
Rinse laundry

This is usually done after I eat breakfast. Again after doing these two phases, there is a huge improvement to the look of the home.

and then Phase three-
Hang up laundry
Scrub knobs on stove and clean burners
Clean tub
Dust bedroom and living room
Vacuum floors

House is blessed and…

Enjoying the weather and garage sale finds

I can't believe a week of May has already gone by!
I have so been enjoying this beautiful weather. Laundry has been on the clothesline almost every day and the garden has been planted some.
Let's see, this year we've got:
Okra Cabbage Lettuce Radish Beets Carrots Tomatoes, both large and small Jalapeno- giant sized Red and yellow lunch box peppers* Red onions Green beans Potatoes Green onions
*I'm excited the most about the red and yellow lunch box peppers. I'd seen some in the grocery store and they looked delicious, but I did not get any. So, when I saw these, I had to get some for our garden! I can't wait to snack on them!
Last year we planted two okra plants and had lots of okra to eat and juice. I really enjoyed okra carrot juice. This year, we planted three (or was it four?) okra. I LOVE okra. This year I plan to dehydrate some as well. I love dried crunchy okra. Like popcorn but better! 
I'm still making project bags to send off as RAK's and for…

April finished projects

April has been yet another busy month of sewing for me. I just love sewing boxy bags and drawstring ones. They are so much fun to make and give away! I made close to three dozen and gave them away to friends and strangers. I'm blessed that there is a local quilt shop near my town to get my supplies from. I love choosing fabric from there. It's more pricey than Walmart but the quality can't be beat!

 I was blessed with a box of knitting and quilting magazines. I'm excited to try some new things for next month.

This is what I made this month:

This is becoming one of my favorite bags to sew! It was a test bag that I did for someone. My second one. 

I made this bag for a friend who LOVES Mary Engelbreit. Her entire kitchen is decorated as such and she wanted a bag to keep her medicine in. I posed this picture with my terrarium because I was originally showing it to a friend of mine who made the terrarium for me. She had asked about how well it was doing. It has greened up …