Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jam baked in a bread machine

A fellow blog reader asked me recently if the jam I made was baked in my bread machine. It was not, but it got me thinking about those that do like to use their bread machines for that purpose.

So, I searched around and found a few recipes to share with you.

The bread machine I used to own had a specific jam feature, but I never did try it out. Sadly, it died last year and I just haven't bothered to buy another one. We don't eat enough sweets or bread anymore to justify buying one. It was nice to stick outside on a hot day though and bake some dessert or bread.

Here are some recipes for you to try:

Bread machine jam
Strawberry jam

This jam needs to be stored in your freezer or fridge or in your belly! Not on a shelf.

If you want to learn to can jam, here is a great place to start! I do not recommend open kettle canning. I have family members who do this and it's just not safe! I wouldn't want to play around with my health just to say I canned some jam!

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