Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gardening, Embroidery and more

Wow! I can't believe it's already been a week since I last posted. I'm so excited that school will be out soon! I'm counting the days!!

I've come up with a cleaning plan to clean our home daily. I realized that there are basically three phases to cleaning the house.

Phase One-
Make the bed
Open curtains
Clear up counters in bathroom
Wash dishes, set to dry
Fold blankets in living room
Put away shoes
Start laundry

It's amazing that just doing these things really spruces up the place. This list gets done daily right after hubby leaves for work.

Then, there's Phase two-

Put dry dishes away
Clean off counters in kitchen and table
Wipe down bathroom counters
Swish toilet
Rinse laundry

This is usually done after I eat breakfast. Again after doing these two phases, there is a huge improvement to the look of the home.

and then Phase three-
Hang up laundry
Scrub knobs on stove and clean burners
Clean tub
Dust bedroom and living room
Vacuum floors

House is blessed and sparkly. I love living in a small home. I can have all three phases done by 9 in the morning and then I have the whole rest of the day to myself.

Of course, there's a few other things to do in the evening, but it doesn't take long.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time. Thursday I pulled out my embroidered bird squares and started working on them again. One stitch at a time. My goal is to complete one square each week and have them completely done by July 21.

*Update* I did not finish the squares yet, but maybe some day. For now they are put on hold, while I persue other activities. August 9, 2014.

I picked up a book at the library called "Easter Chimes". They had a bunch of children's books on sale for 25 cents. What a treasure find! I liked the stories in the Easter book (stories about animals and children) and when I got home, I looked at the copyright and it said 1942! No wonder I liked it so much. They just don't write books like they used to! We got some rain today and the okra plants now have three petals each on them.

Since I last posted, I made some tissue holders, some credit card wallets (like the tea wallets only smaller), and two pin cushions.

I forgot how magical growing things can be. I found 12 green bean plants shooting up this morning. I had checked them Friday mid morning and counted 4. Then, when beloved got home there were 8 total. It was so much fun going out there to check often at them and finding new shoots sticking up out of the ground.

Sunday we watched the robins tap their little feet in the garden picking out bugs, grubs and worms. They seem to know not to step on the delicate plants and just hop around them. I guess we have a deal worked out with them as they like to eat the Japanese grub beetles in the garden. It's quite a sight to watch them stalk a bug. They get down low and sneak up on them.

Monday I went to knitting club. The sale at the store continues but I didn't shop as I didn't need anything or have any money. I spent it happily on garage sale finds the week before. (zippers and crochet hooks and books)  I completed all the lettering for the bird names this week (except for dotting my "I's" and have started on doing the borders for each square. I received a trash bag full of yarn that day. It was so much to sort through it all and pick out what I wanted to keep. There is a lot of it that looks like hand spun yarn in various browns, tans and cream colors. Just my colors!

I plan on sharing some of it with a friend as it's more than I can use!

Wednesday I sewed my first Japanese knot bag. It was a tough pattern to figure out but in the end, a bag was made. I am pleased with how it turned out.

I am addicted to sending out R.A.K.'s on Ravelry. I gave away one of my six pocket tea holders. The lady posted a picture on the board and that got me thinking to give away more. So, I found another lady who wanted one and sent two so she could give one to her daughter. Then,  I posted up six tea wallets and found homes for each of them in a day. I got over 20 people wanting some. It was hard to choose who to pick. I think for the next few months, I'll give away the rest that I have. I'm just happy that other people know what tea wallets are and that they want one!

I forgot to put the pocket on it, so I ripped out the whole thing and re-added it. It was worth the trouble!

I've been enjoying eating fresh spring rolls for lunch lately. They are so scrumptious!

Until next time!

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