Monday, March 31, 2014

March Finished projects

Here are some things I sewed this month.

Strawberry Shortcake drawstring bag with outside pockets.

I got the pattern for the pocket add-on here at Sew Sweetness.

The pattern for the drawstring bag itself is found here at In Color Order.

I made some with and without interfacing. The ones I sewed with interfacing I sewed to the liner part rather than the exterior side. One of my next ones I make I will have interfacing on both the exterior and interior as I want it to stand up on its own. I'm still trying to decide what to put in at the bottom. However, I won't put in interfacing towards the top where it cinches.

More drawstring bags without pockets.

I love this material I found at Walmart. It came as a five pack of fat quarters for under $10.
It's so bright and cheery!
Strawberry Shortcake - found this fabric at walmart and was originally going to sew crayon rolls with it.
Another variation of bright and cheery. I actually meant to make two identical ones like this, but cut the material wrong on the first one!

I made this tote bag originally without a pocket but added it later on after the bag was put together. Talk about hard- I had to sew it inside out and could barely see where to put the needle. The pocket came up a little higher than I thought it would be. It was a gift for a friend's daughter who likes to knit. Aren't those cute cat head topped knitting needles adorable? They are from Lion Brand and size 10.

The dimensions for the tote bag I used are from here at Purl Bee. I was originally going to sew this bag but gave up when I couldn't understand certain parts of it. Plus, I wanted to sew a tote bag style. When I added the pocket, I also added in some interfacing to the liner. I only wish I had put in some interfacing on the exterior as well. I wanted the bottom to lay flat, so I applied a technique similar to this at Lazy Girl Designs. I don't remember the exact measurements I used, but liked how it turned out.

I conquered my fear of zippers! I had sewn a boxy bag like these a year or so ago, and while the pattern was easy enough for me to figure out, I had a terrible time with the boxy corners so much that I hadn't made another one since. Now, that I have a clear cutting mat though, I haven't had any trouble making them. I highly recommend one!

So, when I found an easier way to sew these style bags, I decided to give it another try! Try Pretty Modern's instructions for something different. I've since learned to take bits from each pattern and sew what works for me.

I do like the dimensions of the No Guts bags best, so I always cut those dimensions.

Purple and orange- made for a friend. has a purple lining inside that I got at the local quilt shop.

Cat lover- I bought this as a five pack at Walmart for under $10. I treat myself to one of these five packs every month. Next month- dogs!!

Cherries- This one is a popular print and has been requested again and again. Unfortunately, they are running out of the material. I'm currently making a drawstring one.

Paisley and the sewing tools one are my two favorites. I made the Paisley one for a friend who picked out the material. I don't know why but I  love that sewing tools one especially. The local quilt shop had some but I think they are out now. It was $10 a yard but worth every penny!

until next time!

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