Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finished hats, next... Socks

Well, I finished the ten hats that I started in December. I sent four to my brother-in-law's family in Texas. I mailed it almost a week and a half ago and they still have not gotten the package. I really hope the snow and ice just slowed down the postal service and the package is not lost. I did remember to take pictures of their hats before I mailed them out. They aren't the best pictures though so I'm really really hoping that they still arrive to their destination. I am purposely not posting pictures of them yet until they arrive so the recipients will be surprised!

Then, I mailed three hats out to my niece and nephew and brother-in-law in Kansas. They should arrive in a few days. I also mailed out two hats to my husband's cousins in Colorado. These are the hats I forgot to take a picture of!

The last hat is due to be mailed out on Tuesday to my mother-in-law's son who is three.

I also made an ear flap hat to a friend of mine and for her grandson which I finished last night.

I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of her hat too. What was I thinking!?

I guess from now on, I'll need to take pictures of the project as it's being completed and hopefully remember to take one before I give it away. For my friend's ear flap hat, I made it turquoise blue and white striped. It turned out nice.

I got the pattern here. I'm so glad she decided to share the pattern. It is so easy to make! I've made four so far.

The tube sock project is going slowly but it's looking nice. I was worried it wouldn't fit since I only casted on 60, but I think it'll stretch fine.

I started out knitting these on circular needles because I didn't think I had any straight needles. I was not knitting it in the round but just using the circular needles as straights. It is taking such a long long time!

Then, today I remembered that I did indeed have a size 4 dpn's from when I learned how to make socks for the first time. So, I transferred the work to these needles and it's working so much better. The wood slows me down a little but the aching feeling in my hands that have disappeared is wonderful!

I've been working on this sock for a week and only have 6 inches done on it. I have to go to 14 inches before I can start decreasing it. And then on top of that, I have another sock to make! Oh well, so far it's looking good. I will definitely try to take some pictures as I knit this pattern.

Speaking of knitted tube socks, I found this pattern last night and it looks like fun to knit. It looks like it will go much faster than the pattern I'm using now. I plan to knit a pair of these to show my friend with hopes that she will try out the dpn's again. I feel like it's partly my fault in why she gave up so quickly. When I was trying to teach her to use them, I myself hadn't touched the needles for a very long time so I couldn't remember how to use them. I was basically trying to re-teach myself at the same time of teaching her. So she quickly gave up the idea.

She really likes tube socks and I'm beginning to see why. You don't have to worry too much about the wrong size since the heel goes where ever you put it. Not to say I'm giving up learning how to knit two socks at one time on one long circular needle or that I won't knit socks on a set of dpn's, but it still sounds like a neat pattern to try.

I had hoped to get more sock yarn while it was still on sale but the sale is officially over. Oh well, I have enough for four pairs that should last me awhile.

Until next time!

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