Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easter knits and boxy bags

I knit and crochet these earlier this month. I just need to add a few details to each.
The duck and rabbit pattern came from lion brand and the chicken came from ravelry.
All three were quick to make and fun!

I've been practicing my sewing skills especially with zippers.

There are several free box bag tutorial patterns out there. These three were made by combining certain parts from various tutorials.

I like the size of the No Guts boxy bag tutorial, but I like the how-to from here, at Pretty Modern. They are both fully lined boxy bags. They sew up very quickly.

I made the cherry print to put in the traveling treasure tote I spoke of earlier. I love the lining on the bag. The other two need homes. I may keep them for myself, but for now just enjoying making them.
I found the cute flannel sheep print at Walmart. It came as a five pack of fat quarters for $8.  I only wish more than one piece had sheep on it.

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