Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crocheted Ear Flap Hats

Someone recently pointed out to me that my post: Crocheted Ear flap hats has gone missing. I know when I did my blog update that several posts accidentally got deleted. :-(

So, I thought I'd re-post the link here.

Whenever I have a baby hat to knit for friends, I always find myself going straight to Alli Crafts blog for the pattern.

She has sizes from preemie to toddler. I make this pattern when I'm making for friends and I don't know the size of the child's head. So far, for me (though everyone will vary with tension and gauge) all the hats I made for each child's age, fit just right.

She has lots of other patterns as well. I often will use her flower pattern to adorn the hats I crochet.

I've also used these patterns as well:

Angels crochet
She has larger sizes for adult as well on the same page.

Crochet me 
While the above two, uses worsted weight yarn, this one uses Dk yarn

I've used all three of these patterns. They all turn out a bit differently so you'll have to try them all and see which one you like best.

I prefer crocheting ear flap hats instead of knitting them when I am short on time as it doesn't take me as long to crochet. The hats may seem a little holey but they are still plenty warm especially when using wool yarn. Don't let the holes fool you!

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