Saturday, March 15, 2014

Free Dish cloth patterns

These are a few of my favorite links when I want to knit some dish cloths for friends. When I first started learning to knit, I found this great website for free and paid dish cloth patterns. I really like her patterns. They are so beautiful! If you're not ready to buy a whole book of dish cloth patterns or just want a specific design check here. She has a wide range of designs. And she has oven hangers and placemats too. Oftentimes with a matching dish cloth. The dish cloths are just $2 each! She has some nice free patterns too. Check out the site!

Knits by Rachel

Another place to find some designer dish cloths to knit. I like her hummingbird one the best! She sells other patterns too, like hats, blankets, bibs and  much more!


I also like looking through Designs by Emily patterns. She has some free ones too. Her paid patterns are $1.79 each. I just found an owl pattern and it's so cute! I may have to knit one soon.

Designs by Emily

And lastly, Knitting Knonsense has some wonderful free and paid patterns as well. I like to make the letters A-Z for wedding gifts. She has a cute citrus fruit slice tawashi for sale and it's worth the money. Made in bright cheery colors, they really brighten up your kitchen. I prefer to make these in acrylic yarn like Red Heart. They scrub well and don't hold odors like the cotton ones.

Knitting Knonsense

If you want to see a picture of the citrus slice tawashi, click here. I was thinking about trying to find some antibacterial yarn like she used. I noticed she too offers free dish cloth patterns which is why I chose to link her here.

Happy Knitting!

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