Monday, March 31, 2014

March Finished projects

Here are some things I sewed this month.

Strawberry Shortcake drawstring bag with outside pockets.

I got the pattern for the pocket add-on here at Sew Sweetness.

The pattern for the drawstring bag itself is found here at In Color Order.

I made some with and without interfacing. The ones I sewed with interfacing I sewed to the liner part rather than the exterior side. One of my next ones I make I will have interfacing on both the exterior and interior as I want it to stand up on its own. I'm still trying to decide what to put in at the bottom. However, I won't put in interfacing towards the top where it cinches.

More drawstring bags without pockets.

I love this material I found at Walmart. It came as a five pack of fat quarters for under $10.
It's so bright and cheery!
Strawberry Shortcake - found this fabric at walmart and was originally going to sew crayon rolls with it.
Another variation of bright and cheery. I actually meant to make two identical ones like this, but cut the material wrong on the first one!

I made this tote bag originally without a pocket but added it later on after the bag was put together. Talk about hard- I had to sew it inside out and could barely see where to put the needle. The pocket came up a little higher than I thought it would be. It was a gift for a friend's daughter who likes to knit. Aren't those cute cat head topped knitting needles adorable? They are from Lion Brand and size 10.

The dimensions for the tote bag I used are from here at Purl Bee. I was originally going to sew this bag but gave up when I couldn't understand certain parts of it. Plus, I wanted to sew a tote bag style. When I added the pocket, I also added in some interfacing to the liner. I only wish I had put in some interfacing on the exterior as well. I wanted the bottom to lay flat, so I applied a technique similar to this at Lazy Girl Designs. I don't remember the exact measurements I used, but liked how it turned out.

I conquered my fear of zippers! I had sewn a boxy bag like these a year or so ago, and while the pattern was easy enough for me to figure out, I had a terrible time with the boxy corners so much that I hadn't made another one since. Now, that I have a clear cutting mat though, I haven't had any trouble making them. I highly recommend one!

So, when I found an easier way to sew these style bags, I decided to give it another try! Try Pretty Modern's instructions for something different. I've since learned to take bits from each pattern and sew what works for me.

I do like the dimensions of the No Guts bags best, so I always cut those dimensions.

Purple and orange- made for a friend. has a purple lining inside that I got at the local quilt shop.

Cat lover- I bought this as a five pack at Walmart for under $10. I treat myself to one of these five packs every month. Next month- dogs!!

Cherries- This one is a popular print and has been requested again and again. Unfortunately, they are running out of the material. I'm currently making a drawstring one.

Paisley and the sewing tools one are my two favorites. I made the Paisley one for a friend who picked out the material. I don't know why but I  love that sewing tools one especially. The local quilt shop had some but I think they are out now. It was $10 a yard but worth every penny!

until next time!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crochet dinosaur spike hat pattern

Found this great blog today after emailing a lady about a pattern she was looking for. Thought I'd post up the pattern link here in case anyone else wanted to make it. Looks like I'm going to have to make one too!

Pixie Heart Strings

and found another version on Ravelry. It's a free pattern too!!

Dinosaur Spikes

Thanks, "J" for the great idea!!

Free Dish cloth patterns

These are a few of my favorite links when I want to knit some dish cloths for friends. When I first started learning to knit, I found this great website for free and paid dish cloth patterns. I really like her patterns. They are so beautiful! If you're not ready to buy a whole book of dish cloth patterns or just want a specific design check here. She has a wide range of designs. And she has oven hangers and placemats too. Oftentimes with a matching dish cloth. The dish cloths are just $2 each! She has some nice free patterns too. Check out the site!

Knits by Rachel

Another place to find some designer dish cloths to knit. I like her hummingbird one the best! She sells other patterns too, like hats, blankets, bibs and  much more!


I also like looking through Designs by Emily patterns. She has some free ones too. Her paid patterns are $1.79 each. I just found an owl pattern and it's so cute! I may have to knit one soon.

Designs by Emily

And lastly, Knitting Knonsense has some wonderful free and paid patterns as well. I like to make the letters A-Z for wedding gifts. She has a cute citrus fruit slice tawashi for sale and it's worth the money. Made in bright cheery colors, they really brighten up your kitchen. I prefer to make these in acrylic yarn like Red Heart. They scrub well and don't hold odors like the cotton ones.

Knitting Knonsense

If you want to see a picture of the citrus slice tawashi, click here. I was thinking about trying to find some antibacterial yarn like she used. I noticed she too offers free dish cloth patterns which is why I chose to link her here.

Happy Knitting!

Crocheted Ear Flap Hats

Someone recently pointed out to me that my post: Crocheted Ear flap hats has gone missing. I know when I did my blog update that several posts accidentally got deleted. :-(

So, I thought I'd re-post the link here.

Whenever I have a baby hat to knit for friends, I always find myself going straight to Alli Crafts blog for the pattern.

She has sizes from preemie to toddler. I make this pattern when I'm making for friends and I don't know the size of the child's head. So far, for me (though everyone will vary with tension and gauge) all the hats I made for each child's age, fit just right.

She has lots of other patterns as well. I often will use her flower pattern to adorn the hats I crochet.

I've also used these patterns as well:

Angels crochet
She has larger sizes for adult as well on the same page.

Crochet me 
While the above two, uses worsted weight yarn, this one uses Dk yarn

I've used all three of these patterns. They all turn out a bit differently so you'll have to try them all and see which one you like best.

I prefer crocheting ear flap hats instead of knitting them when I am short on time as it doesn't take me as long to crochet. The hats may seem a little holey but they are still plenty warm especially when using wool yarn. Don't let the holes fool you!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easter knits and boxy bags

I knit and crochet these earlier this month. I just need to add a few details to each.
The duck and rabbit pattern came from lion brand and the chicken came from ravelry.
All three were quick to make and fun!

I've been practicing my sewing skills especially with zippers.

There are several free box bag tutorial patterns out there. These three were made by combining certain parts from various tutorials.

I like the size of the No Guts boxy bag tutorial, but I like the how-to from here, at Pretty Modern. They are both fully lined boxy bags. They sew up very quickly.

I made the cherry print to put in the traveling treasure tote I spoke of earlier. I love the lining on the bag. The other two need homes. I may keep them for myself, but for now just enjoying making them.
I found the cute flannel sheep print at Walmart. It came as a five pack of fat quarters for $8.  I only wish more than one piece had sheep on it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baked chicken with red potatoes and carrots

Tonight for supper I tried a new recipe.

To make-

Preheat oven to broil.

Pound boneless skinless chicken breast to flatten.  Sprinkle rosemary and parsley (or whatever herbs you have) on chicken on both sides and set aside. Cut slit in chicken and insert garlic clove.

Chop red potatoes and carrots into one inch pieces.

Place chicken in middle of baking pan and surround with vegetables. Drizzle olive oil on top of everything, sprinkle with salt and pepper and broil until chicken is done.

We loved it!

Cell phone zippered pouches

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