Thursday, February 27, 2014

Magic square pot scrubbers

I posted earlier how to make a magic square pot scrubber and not quite sure where the post went to. I do know that several of my posts accidentally got deleted when I was updating it this month. :-(

So, I thought I'd repost the tutorial again. This is my new favorite pot scrubber pattern.

First, you must know how to make a magic square pot holder and how to make a round pot scrubber as shown on my blog.

To make, cut strips as for a round pot scrubber and connect strips as you would normally. The amount of strips vary.

To make approximately the same size as my round ones, I chained 12 with a size "k" hook. Then, following the directions for a magic square pot holder, I crochet the same way. When you run out of netting, just connect as usual. When you get to the place where the ends meet, I have been poking the hook through both loops and single crocheting them together. This creates a ridge for extra scrubbing power.

It takes me anywhere between 6-8 strips to make one. It doesn't take as long to make and they are fun to do!

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