Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Crochet pattern giveaway

This month's free pattern giveaway will be for a crochet pattern. I had a hard time deciding which one to pick, so I'll let you choose one of the following patterns by Absoluteknits.

**updated way to enter**
It dawned on me that not everyone wants to make their email address or ravelry username public, so please fill out the contact form and let me know which pattern you'd like to receive.

The contest will close at noon on February 22nd central time.
Rainbow crochet booties
Crochet Headband with flower

The pattern will be delivered electronically.

Until next time!


Patrick and Emily said...
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Cele Galvez said...

yo quisiera: Rainbow crochet booties. Gracias!!

Patrick and Emily said...

I'd like the headband!

Patrick and Emily said...

I like booties!

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