Monday, September 15, 2014

Dairy free chocolate

I was surprised today by a friend stopping by. She brought me a super yummy gift.

Thank you "E" for your thoughtful gift. She knows I can't have dairy. I am very appreciative of her kindness.

Preemie hats and booties

One of my latest projects is knitting preemie hats and booties for the local hospital. I found a group of ladies doing this and volunteered.

Still have some sewing to do...

My goal is to make one hat and bootie a day. 

They are so tiny and don't take long to do!

Scrubbers made

Made a dozen Christmas scrubbers for local shops. Stamped some tags for them. Just need to get a stapler to attach them with.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday fun

Woke up this morning to hubby announcing we were going fishing.
Packed up the car and off we went. Had a really great time. It was so peaceful out there. We didn't catch any fish but that's ok.
On the way home, we stopped by the local town's festivities and got a meal there. Went to a quilt show and saw some beautiful quilts and afghans.
I had a wonderful day with my beloved.

Of course I had to bring my knitting along.

I'm working on a dog sweater for a friend's mini daschund.

Bargain friday

We went to the annual Methodist garage sale on Friday. I didn't find anything I was looking for- donut cutter and mini loaf pans. I checked out the craft section and came home with a knitting basket, (I've always wanted one but all I could find were torn and broken. This one is in good shape.) two yellow skeins of cotton yarn for dishcloths, one skein of bulky yarn in a brand I've been wanting to try, four gardening pots perfect for my herbs, and best of all a needle felting kit that came with two needles, a clover needle felted tool, two ounces of wool roving and some sort of doll pin for felting. I just saw the roving and grabbed it not realizing all the treasures inside.

I got everything for $2.75!!!

I've been wanting to make felted flowers for my felted pouches. So very excited to learn how to use it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Goal completed for August

My goal each month is to make two shawls to donate to charity. I wasn't able to start on both of them until August 17th due to an illness. I also promised another shawl out in addition to those two. I am pleased that I was able to finish all three by August 31st.

This month I got started on the first day of the month. Picture below in light green. Lacy shawl.

The dark green one has a different border.

I don't know why my pictures are getting rotated. :/

Felted pouch and shoulder wrap

I mailed out one of the felted pouches yesterday and like how it turned out. I love how they always turn out a different size each time.

Started two more shawls this week. One is a lacy one and such a breeze. You can find it on my projects page through Ravelry. Pictures of it later.

The other is the shoulder wrap I've been making bunches of. This yarn was given to me all except the black which I bought. It's red heart soft.

I like it ok. It doesn't make my hands bleed like the super saver does. I'm halfway done with the wrap.

Sorry the pouch pic is upside down!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Felted pouches

I had some solar hot water left over this afternoon and decided to use it for the wool pouches I made a long time ago.

I used brown sheep nature spun for the pink one and brown sheep  Lamb's pride for the brown one. I had not used Lamb's pride for feel felting before and I  have to say I still prefer the nature spun.

I only felt by hand so that may make a difference. All I know is that I'm wore out from those pieces!

After they dry, I'll weave in ends, attach handles and embellish. I wish I had some felting needles or a punch embroidery tool.

Oh well, I'll just hand embroider them instead. Not sure who they will go to when I'm done. Better work on just getting them done first.

Cowboy candy review

I couldn't stand the suspense any longer so I opened up a jar of the cowboy candy i made last week. I tried one straight out of the jar plain and it was delicious! Now I can't wait to eat some with food. It was a bit spicy at first but didn't linger like I thought it would.  I wanted to see what I thought of it before i made a dozen or more jars.  :-)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ice cream in a blender

My beloved surprised me today with a blender. I've been wanting one for awhile. It's a 14 speed Oster blender with a glass jug, not plastic. It looks similar to this. I have to be extra careful with it that it doesn't break, but I'm glad that it's not plastic. Now I can chop, dice and pulverize hot jalapeno peppers and then make ice cream later in the day.

I have been wanting to try this recipe for a long time and finally tried it. 

It was delicious! No added sugar, dairy free, yum! yum! I would have taken a picture, but I was gobbling it up too fast. Maybe next time!

The homemade vanilla in it made it taste really good.

I'm looking forward to fall now so I can make big batches of butternut squash soup- thai style. This is the recipe I plan to try. I had some once at a relative's house and it was delicious.

I think this recipe also sounds yummy. Cream of broccoli soup with coconut milk instead of regular. I can't wait for soup weather!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sweet Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

When I had hubby plant me some Goliath Jalapeno peppers, I had it in my mind I would make these, or something similar. Thank goodness, he only planted me one plant as we've had more than our fair share of these giant peppers. But since I am not eating dairy anymore, I have been trying to figure out what to do with the excess peppers.

I dehydrated several trays worth early on in the harvest of them. And I've been making batches and batches of raw and cooked salsa. We decided we like cooked salsa the best.

This week though I decided I wanted to try something called Cowboy candy. A friend of mine suggested it a few year's back, but for one reason or another, I never made them. So, since I had collected a nice size bunch of peppers, I decided to try it out. I just wanted some to store in the refrigerator though and not go through the whole canning procedure. It's been way too hot for that!

Looking through the recipes, the ingredients called for spices I didn't have on hand and was already halfway done chopping the peppers at that point. So, I improvised. I basically used my zucchini relish bring recipe. I also didn't want to make a huge batch of these since I'm the only one eating them.

Here's how I made mine:

I chopped up jalapeno peppers 1/4 inch thick and set aside in a bowl of water. Sprinkled canning salt on top and let them sit, while I prepared the brine. It equaled to 5 cups of peppers.

Then, I mixed 1 cup cider vinegar and 2 cups of sugar in a large stockpot and added 1 teaspoon pickling spice to the mixture.

After that I rinsed the salt off and let the seeds float to the top and poured as much of them out as I could. I find now that I'm older I can't stand the heat of peppers as much as I could when I was younger.

Next, I boiled the vinegar and spice mixture for 2 minutes. Then, I added the drained and rinsed peppers to the pot and let them boil for 8-10 minutes. I scooped the peppers out and put them in one pint jar and one half pint jar. Then, added the brine to the top of the jar and let cool. Into the fridge they went. I had a tiny bit of brine leftover which I ate on some ham for lunch. It was delicious!

I haven't tried the peppers yet (will in a few days) but will let you know how they turned out.

I can't wait to try them!

On a side note- I visited a new kitchen store in a nearby town and they had samples of their candied jalapeno peppers. (I imagine mine will taste similar) They served theirs on crackers. They were delicious! It would have been better with cream cheese, but oh well...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Zucchini brownies aka chocloate banana bread :-)

I made some yummy zucchini cake last week. Even my beloved tried some and liked it! Tonight I wanted to try a recipe for zucchini brownies, but when I went to get the recipe I couldn't find it. So, after searching for another one I came across a low fat version and surprisingly  had all the ingredients.

Here is the link to make it.

It's baking now...
Wish I thought to take a picture before they were gone... lol!

Can you see the picture on the link? Don't think for one minute that it will turn out like that. Now, don't get me wrong, these were delicious, and I will be making them again. But they don't really taste like brownies. It turns out more like a chocolate cake. Because of the bananas though, to us it tasted more like chocolate banana bread. I never would have thought that chocolate banana bread would be good, but oh my, it's delicious!

I'm filing these under my "dairy-free" label because they are a dessert I can now enjoy since I've gone dairy free.

If you've got a dairy free recipe, please share it with me!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Golden Ring

The Golden Ring by John Snyder is a book I checked out from the library. It is based on a true story.

It's about a nine year old girl and her father who are both having puzzling dreams about a golden ring. Read it to find out what the dream means and tell me what you think!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Papa's Angels

I rarely read fiction books. Mostly I read how-to books but the last few times I've been to the library I find myself wandering up and down the fiction aisles.

They say you can't judge a book by its cover but so far I've been pleased by my findings.

I just wander down an aisle and randomly pick up a book. So far all the books I've checked out have been good.

The book I read this week was called: Papa's Angels by Collin Wilcox Paxton and Gary Carden.

The watercolor pictures are nice to see and worth checking out the book for.

The book is about a family of seven who in the beginning of the book lose their mother due to an illness. The book is about the rest of the children and their Papa and how they find gladness in an otherwise sorrowful situation.

The book is written from a 12 year old's point of view, Becca.

Let me know what you think if you read it!

Dried tomatoes

I love snacking on dried tomatoes. They are sweet, salty and sour at the same time.

Coming to an end.

Well, summer is coming to an end. Soon, school will be starting and my beloved will be headed back to work. I'm looking forward to this fall because he won't be working so many hours. The past two years he's been gone for 12 hours. (every school day) That makes for a long day! It made me appreciate the weekends though and I did learn a lot while he was away. I've got a new perspective on several things.

I've been really pleased with the garden this year. Let me say first of all, that we don't grow a show garden. It isn't for looks, and probably won't win any awards. But it keeps us fed for the season and that makes me happy. We haven't had to buy any vegetables since spring and that saves a lot of money on the grocery budget.

I get amazed each time I pick a vegetable from the garden. To think we started with a seed in the ground and have fruit now to pick. Beloved and I picked green beans the other evening and filled up an ice cream bucket full and it was such a wonderful feeling!

I'm looking forward to the day we can stop buying meat from the grocery store. But that all takes time and for now I'm content.

I haven't done much sewing this summer. I think in the fall I'll drag my sewing machine back out and have some fun sewing days.

My knitting has sort of been put on hold right now too. I still occasionally crochet a shawl but not working on starting or finishing any extra projects right now. (besides the shawls I donate to the hospital)  I suppose when the weather gets cooler I may pull out my socks to knit.

There is coming a day when I'll get more serious about purging this home and freeing it of its non-necessities. I can feel it in the air, but it's not time yet. :-) But when that day comes, it will be a glorious one!

Veggie Chips

I am really loving my new dehydrator! I've been using it every other day drying zucchini, squash, tomatoes and okra.

I just hand slice it 1/4 inch thick and lay out on the trays. I salted and put lemon pepper on one batch, but found I prefer them plain. Except my okra, these I salt.

Today I dried some okra and added some garlic powder to them. I also cut and sliced some green beans and after blanching them, laid them to dry. I expect they'll get done tonight around 10 pm.  Oh, and I sliced up two yellow crooked neck squash too.

I wasn't sure when I bought my dehydrator if I should choose the 9 tray model or not. I thought about just getting the 4 or 5 tray one, but so glad I chose the larger tray version. So far, every time I've dried something I've ended up filling every single tray and then still having some leftover. Plus, when I rise my bread, I'll have plenty of space. I still hope to try some yogurt making too.

I've heard you can use the dried veggie chips to dip salsa into, but so far I've enjoyed just eating them as chips. They are so yummy! I love knowing that I'm just consuming dried vegetables, no preservatives and no chemicals!

I wondered when I got my dehydrator how much it would take to fill up. Well, yesterday I cut and sliced 6 large zucchni's and that filled up all 9 trays. For squash, I cut and sliced 12 of them and that filled up 9 trays.

When I dried some snack sized bell peppers, it took 33 and it left me with enough trays to dry a handful of Goliath jalapeno peppers.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden update

Last year, we got a BBQ grill but did not use it. This week we've put it to good use eating most of our meals on it. It sure beats heating up the house!

I picked some zucchini the other day and was surprised to find a giant one hiding in the back.

I'm still amazed at how tall the plants are this year.

We enjoyed the last bit of our lettuce today on some grilled burgers and a salad the night before. The tomatoes are ripening slowly and we eat them as fast as we can.

I've enjoyed the candy onions on burgers and chili dogs. So sweet and tasty!

We grilled some zucchini, Bell peppers, and okra and boy were they delicious!

I've been very pleased with this year's garden. Soon, our beans will be ready to pick.

I'm hoping to can some salsa, diced tomatoes, and zucchini relish this year. Oh, and let's not forget zucchini bread! Yum! Yum!

Wild cherry and chokecherries

Last year I had never seen a wild black cherry nor heard of a chokecherry.

But this week I learned how to identify both and now have both kinds in the freezer.

I'm grateful for the knowledge I've learned.

It seems the longer we live here the more I find edible plants and berries. I can't wait to learn more!

Mullein oil

Last night we took our evening walk and I picked the last of the wild cherries I'd seen on a previous walk. Not very much, but I froze what I picked.

I found some more berries and started to pick them, but realized they were different.

After our walk, we took a country drive and I was able to gather some mullein flowers.

For the past few years, I've missed the harvest and have not been able to make any infused oil.

I was lucky to have tried some mullein oil years ago for some ear aches I'd been having. Just a few drops is all it took for immediate relief. I realized then I never wanted to be without this awesome oil!

So, last night I started my first batch of it.

In a few weeks, it will be ready. I may even make some salve from it.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pumpkin bread

I've got some yummy pumpkin bread in the oven right now. I had to revise one of my favorite recipes so I'm anxious to see how it tastes.

3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup pumpkin
1 T. Water
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
1/4 cup coconut oil

Mix together.

Then add:
1/2+1/3 cup flour
1/4 tsp. Baking powder
1/2 tsp. Baking soda
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

Spread into greased pan and bake at 350 degrees until done. Mine took 15-20 minutes. I always check with a toothpick.

It turned out great! In fact, I doubled the batch and made more the next day.

Borax- my new best friend

I've known about borax as a laundry booster for years but recently discovered it has many more uses.

First of all, I bought some Zote soap for doing laundry with. I grate what I need up and add 1/2 cup of borax to each load. It cleans our clothes well and smells nice too!

If you're the type that likes to see suds in your washing load, don't bother with this recipe. It doesn't create any suds at all. I'll tell you another time about what happens when you mix family members who like suds with someone who uses this recipe- me!

This post is about other uses for borax.

I had a stain on my carpet that other cleaners wouldn't remove. So, I grabbed a wet rag and sprinkled borax on it, then scrubbed the stain. I let it sit awhile and then rinsed and vacuumed up the excess borax. I couldn't believe it- the stain was gone!

I've also used this to clean the wall behind my stove after I've fried some eggrolls. I tried using several brands of degreaser and nothing worked as well as the borax. Sprinkled on a wet rag and scrubbed lightly. Wow! This stuff is amazing! And cheap too!

Mittens the new and improved!

Mittens shocked us both when he voluntarily jumped into my beloved's lap this morning.
He's never been the type to do that. Poor guy has been the brunt of Freddie's bullying. Freddie has taken to hating him so much that he hardly sticks around even for a meal.
Of course, sometimes Mittens fights back too, but for the most part he runs and hides.
If anyone has any tips for getting these two brothers to tolerate each other let me know by leaving a comment below!

Dear sweet hubby

My dear sweet hubby picked these flowers for me last night. I wanted to get some on our evening walk, but forgot to bring something to put them in.

He said he was running a quick errand last night and drove down to the place they were and picked them for me, startling some deer in the process. Or should I say startling him!

Anyways, he filled up my vase full of water, and soon I had a pretty thing to put on my table.

Isn't it beautiful?

Climbing my way out

I've finally climbed my way out of the knitting/crochet rut I found myself in for the past several months.

I'm not sure why I got burned out in the first place, but I'm pleased to say that I'm enjoying knitting again.

I even started a new project last week.

Not wanting my crochet hook to feel left out, I started a prayer shawl yesterday. So far, 11 rows done and only 17 left to go before I'm done!

I'll share a picture of it later this afternoon.

I'm also glad my blogger app is working on my phone again.

Can you guess what I'm knitting?

Dairy free pancakes

I've been craving some pancakes recently so I thought I'd try a new dairy free pancake recipe I found yesterday. I halved the vanilla and could barely taste it, which is the way I like it.
I made a batch for both beloved and I. It turned out pretty good, but we both decided we don't want to eat pancakes very often. I'll probably make these once a month. Don't get me wrong, they were really good, but we just like our regular breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, and sausage.
Speaking of hashbrowns, I used to think they were hard to make. I used to try forming them into patties but that never worked really good. Now, I just peel, grate, season and scrape into pan. Once in the pan, I can shape them into whatever size I want and it works great! Flip over when cooked on one side, etc. They taste much better than the frozen ones with the yucky preservatives in them. We recently made the switch to using organic gmo free potatoes and oh my! what a difference in taste and texture. We're blessed that we can find organic vegetables in our small town. Of course, nothing beats homegrown and soon we will be harvesting our potatoes.
Anyways, here is the dairy free pancake recipe:
1 cup flour
1 T. Sugar
2 tsp. Baking powder
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 beaten egg
1 cup water
1 T. Oil
2 tsp. Vanilla
Mix dry ingredients. Mix liquid ingredients in separate bowl. Combine the two all at once. Mixture will be lumpy.
Cook as usual. This made two medium pancakes for each of us.

Candy onions

I harvested our red candy onions this morning. I like them small. They're so sweet and tasty!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Lemon balm tea

Wednesday I trimmed my bushy lemon balm plant and dried the leaves for tea.

I love my new dehydrator! I had enough room leftover to dry some chocolate mint and spearmint too.

The past two nights I've enjoyed a cup of hot tea and I have to say it's amazing! I've never had freshly picked and dried tea before. It's delicious! Nothing like storebought tea.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dairy-free carrot cake

I checked out a book from the library called: Dairy-free cookbook by Jane Zukin

It's a pretty decent book. I recently tried the carrot cake.

A winner! I am making it again tonight and made a few changes to suit me.

Here is the changes I made:

This makes enough for a 7-8 inch pan. Grease well. I used coconut oil.

Grate enough carrots to equal 1 1/2 cup. I had a summer squash to use up so I grated some of that too.

Mix in bowl with one beaten egg and 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/8 cup vegetable oil.

Then in separate bowl, mix 3/4 cup flour, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla.

Mix together with other ingredients until blended.

Bake at 350 degrees until done. About 20-25 minutes. Insert toothpick and when it comes out clean, it's done.

By the way, I finely grated the carrots and squash.

Time to eat! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jam baked in a bread machine

A fellow blog reader asked me recently if the jam I made was baked in my bread machine. It was not, but it got me thinking about those that do like to use their bread machines for that purpose.

So, I searched around and found a few recipes to share with you.

The bread machine I used to own had a specific jam feature, but I never did try it out. Sadly, it died last year and I just haven't bothered to buy another one. We don't eat enough sweets or bread anymore to justify buying one. It was nice to stick outside on a hot day though and bake some dessert or bread.

Here are some recipes for you to try:

Bread machine jam
Strawberry jam

This jam needs to be stored in your freezer or fridge or in your belly! Not on a shelf.

If you want to learn to can jam, here is a great place to start! I do not recommend open kettle canning. I have family members who do this and it's just not safe! I wouldn't want to play around with my health just to say I canned some jam!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Felted pouch

I haven't been in the mood to knit lately but was looking through my yarn stash and found a skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn.

So, I grabbed some size 9 dpn's and knitted this:

It's waiting to be felted and embroidered. I'm curious to know how much it will shrink as I've not hand felted this brand before.

I didn't pay attention to how many I casted on or how long I knit for. One reason I like these pouches is for that reason. No counting rows or stitches.

But should you want to make one for yourself- simply cast on any number of stitches- just make sure that it's an even number.

Keep in mind it will shrink when felted so make it wide enough.

These pouches are so easy to make. You knit the front and the back at the same time. To make- knit first stitch, then slip the next stitch as if to purl. And repeat to the end. Then, start over. It will feel and look a little funny at first as it's double thick, but keep on going. After a few rows you'll be able to see it coming along.

To end it, you just slip the knit stitches on one needle and the slipped stitches on another. One at a time. You can then knit a flap if you choose or just bind off. It always looks a little strange but the good news is that it will all be felted and not be seen.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Will I ever stop sewing bags??

I'm not sure when I'll stop sewing more bags, but right now I'm having too much fun to stop!

Here's a collage of what I made last week!

They range in size from snack size to medium sized.

The pattern can be found here.
She has a freebie version to try out the pattern. I recommend it!

Strawberry jam

I went to the local strawberry farm a few weeks ago and picked a whopping 3 1/2 pounds! lol. I froze them for later jam making and finally got around to making some jam last week.

I made one batch of canned jam and one batch of freezer jam.

This was the first time I've used Ball's Low Sugar/No Sugar pectin. I like it better than Sure-Jell brand, but I've always preferred Ball brand over Sure-Jell for some reason. Probably because that's what I used when I first learned to can.

Anyways, the jam turned out great and looking forward to making more this summer.

This week I'm going to pick at the local blueberry farm and blackberries are next on the list!

I found some recipes for blueberry spice jam, blueberry mango jam and of course, blackberry jelly! Yum! I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More bags!

I sewed two more drawstring bags last week.

The pink one was supposed to have outside pockets in the same accent color as the top. I don't know how I did it, but the pockets ended up on the inside. I'm still trying to figure out how it happened, but I'm stumped!

Here's another one I made for a friend:

I love this material so much I sewed some curtains out of it for my kitchen window. 

These are two tiny sized bags I made from this pattern. It is totally worth it. The bag sizes are great and I plan to make several of each size. 

She offers a freebie version, here. 

The tiny bags are great for holding notions inside your regular knitting/crochet bag. That way they don't get lost at the bottom.

Sewed another cherry print boxy bag. I sure like this material! 

The sheep material was RAK'd to me by someone on Ravelry. It's so cute! I hope to have enough leftover to make a larger drawstring bag for a friend. 

How to sew a boxy style zippered pouch

I've had a lot of people ask me how I sew my boxy style zippered pouches, so I thought I'd show you.

I found two tutorials that I liked but realized I liked bits and pieces of each one. So, I've combined the best of both and made this. 

Here's how I made this one.

I cut out my pieces which are 10 by 12 inches. I cut out two outer pieces, two liner pieces and two interfacing pieces. I ironed on the interfacing to my outer pieces. 

 pieces ready to go. 

Then, I laid my lining piece (which is orange) right side up and laid the zipper down. Note the zipper pull is right side up and on the right hand side. Then, I laid the outer piece (owls) wrong side down and pinned the edges. This picture above simply shows how the pieces are arranged. 

To do the actual sewing part, you line up the raw edges with the right sides facing together and sew along the top. I sewed where you can see the pins. I just used a 1/4 inch seam allowance and didn't bother with a zipper foot. 

This shows another angle of sewing the zipper. I use a piece of tape to mark my 1/4 inch seam allowance to give me a more accurate line. I make sure not to let the piece of material go past the edge. Remove pins as you sew! 

And here I am sewing to the end. 

If you lift the top, this is what you'll see. 

 Just take the top piece and place the orange part underneath it like this: (below)

Now time to sew the other side.
Make sure the zipper pull is on the left hand side this time, right side up. Then, place the liner piece right side up underneath the zipper. And place the outer side on top, so that right sides are facing. The photo below shows the placement but I've left a gap so you can see. When you get ready to sew, place the top piece along the upper edge like before.

Now, when you get ready to sew this down, the zipper pull may be in your way a little. You can either move it over or leave your pressure foot resting on it so that it bumps down as you sew.

Sew along the edge where the pins are. (except move them out of the way, of course!)

Now top-stitch on both sides for a neat appearance.

The first few bags, I did not sew the interior with the top, but found that sometimes the material would buckle and pinch when I opened the zipper. So, now I sew both sides at the same time.

Next, I take both the exterior pieces and sew them along the raw edge right sides together. Repeat for the interior pieces except leave a three inch space in the middle to turn inside out. Don't forget! (I did, and had to rip out, lol!). It helps to iron the seams flat. This helps so you can prepare to sew the tabs in place.

You'll want to line up the seams on both sides to the middle of the zipper area.  I also press the sides to lay flatter.

Next, sew the tabs in place. You can sew the tabs however you want. I make mine different each time. Sometimes they are wide sometimes they are skinny. This picture shows the raw edge of the tab against the raw edge of the material.

I've made some boxy bags without it and I definitely prefer the tabs. They make it easy to pull the zipper open and they look cute! I sew just the tab in place, back-stitching a few times to make it secure.

Now, you will sew each piece four times worth on each side.

See, the above picture, I am sewing the ends together. There are four separate flaps to sew. When you get to the part that you sewed the tab down, just back-stitch a few times and stop. 

This picture shows all four flaps sewn. The most important thing to remember is before you sew the side with the zipper pull to unzip the zipper to about the middle. I always start with the non-zipper side first. I have forgotten this step before and had to rip out which is not fun! So, DON'T forget! :-) Otherwise, you won't be able to turn it inside out. 

Now it's time to make the boxy corners. You can go here, to learn how.  And another way.I found it hard to explain and take pics at the same time. This is a video on how to do it. You don't have to use her tool. Although, it does look pretty cool! Hmmm.. Something to look into it, lol! mo

I cut it so it measures 2 inches to the point. The first time I made a boxy bag, I did not have one of these cool clear mats and each one of my corners were a different size!. I think they are totally worth it! But if you don't have one, you can just use your ruler to measure the 3 3/4 mark. 

I mark the line with a pencil since it's on the inside and doesn't show. I used to stand up, measure, press and sit down and sew each time. That's getting up and down 8 times! (which is exhausting after awhile) I found I could save energy and pin and sew all at once. 

Sew along the line. Then cut with scissors above 1/4 inch above the sewn line. Do this for all eight corners. 

Now comes the fun part. Trim all the loose strings and turn inside out. I press the liner corners first so they are creased. I found I have to check that everything is sewn right before I sew the lining closed. Otherwise, more ripping out. ;-)

After you sew the lining closed, turn the rest of the way inside out and press! there you have a boxy bag. These are so much fun to make!

I hope I've not left out any steps. If you have any questions, just ask! 

Cell phone zippered pouches

Last week a friend asked me to sew her a cell phone holder that she wanted to give to a friend. So I took out my supplies and started to d...