Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Legacy of clean

I got my new bottle of Legacy of Clean soft cleanser today. I was so excited to clean my sink and tub with it. It's not everyday I'm excited to clean! Lol.

I was hoping it was scented like their dish soap but it wasn't. It does have a citrus scent to it though.

It has some nice scrubbing power to it. It cleaned my sink nicely. Tomorrow I will clean the tub.

So far I have been impressed with the cleaners I've tried from this company. But my favorite dish soap is now Lemon Brite from Melaleuca. While I still like the Dish Drops, I prefer the Lemon Brite in the winter time.

We haul our water in jugs when the cold weather is here and the Dish Drops soap seems to work best under running hot water.

The soft cleanser I got today was $6 plus shipping. I'm curious to know how long a bottle lasts for us.

To order a bottle, you can google Nutrilite and see if there is someone in your area that sells it. In my case, my neighbor.

The dish soap from Melaleuca I buy from a friend. I don't know if she is a rep for them, but I would like to know more about that company sometime.

Speaking of Legacy of Clean I have only used two spray bottles worth of tbe cleanser I bought a few months ago. You cannot even tell any is missing. It comes SUPER concentrated. Just 2 teaspoons per spray bottle! It will likely last me a year or longer. I can't remember how much it was.

I really enjoy making my own cleaners when I can and when I can't I try to buy from companies that make for a cleaner planet.

After all, it's the only one we've got.

Until next time!

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