Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finished grandma's favorite dishcloth

I took some time off of the second poncho to make these eight dishcloths for a friend. I tried to make them all the same size of 8 inches, but they turned out different sizes anyhow.
I used a size 6 needle instead of my usual 7 or 8 because she asked that it be of a tighter weave. Usually I knit until I've reached 45 stitches before decreasing.
The first one I made was the large sage green and knit until I reached 55 stitches. I measured it as best as I could to get 8 inches, so I was surprised when it came out 9 inches instead. The second one I knit was the smaller sage green and I was sure that I was going to run out of yarn so I knit it until I had 45 stitches. It came out 7 inches!
My friend said she didn't care what sizes they were so I left it that way, but I have to say it bothered me to do so! So I knit her up two bonus Christmas colored cloths to make up for it and sent her two soap savers.
The blue dishcloths and the Christmas ones were knit until I reached 50 stitches and they came out to a perfect 8 inches. One of the blue ones is actually a combination of two variegated colors. It turned out to be my favorite out of them all. 
The dark green was knit until 50 stitches as well but the yarn seemed thicker so it ended up being 9 inches. :/
All in all I was pleased with how they turned out. I mailed them out today. When I went to mail them, they weighed 11 ounces and I was sure that it was going to cost $7-8 to mail since they felt so heavy, but it was only $3 ish. That surprised me, not that I'm complaining!
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