Friday, November 29, 2013

Lilley's Shrug

This is the shrug I was making back in October for my friend's daughter Lilley as a birthday present. Her birthday is the day after mine. I started early on it because I know how slow it takes me to get things done even though the actual knitting time is very little.

I took one skein of Lion Brand Fancy fur purple yarn with one strand of Red Heart purple worsted weight.

The tricky part was figuring out how many stitches to cast on.

I measured Lilley's wrists around. Then measured her upper arms around. Also, I measured from wrist to wrist and then from shoulder to shoulder.

I originally was going to knit it from wrist to wrist but found that the material stretches out and from the length I chose figured she could still do the fun things kids do without the shrug getting in the way.

I first cast on 20 sts but found as I draped it over my arms that it started to stretch enough to fit me. Her wrists are a lot smaller than mine. I think I eventually casted on 16 stitches and found that it was just right. I don't know for sure as I forgot to write this down, lol!

Then after you figure out how many to cast on, just knit in garter stitch until it's the length you want. It's so easy!

But if you want to make one you'll just have to do the drape part and see how well it fits. I used the mattress stitch to seam it up so keep in mind that it does take away a little of the material.

I ended up making this shrug the length of one skein of fancy fur yarn, which in my case was 24 inches. Then, knowing what her measurements were from shoulder to shoulder (10 inches) I seamed up 7 inches on each side.

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