Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick way to make a lot of pot scrubbers FAST!

I don't know that it's actually faster to do it this way but I made close to three dozen this weekend.

Here's how I did it:

Cut my strips and set them into three piles. First pile: Two strips. Second pile: Four strips. Third pile: One strip.

I make sure not to have more than one of the same color to avoid confusion. :P

Then, I grab my first color to work with and do the first two strips (2 sc around). I make up all the scrubbers in the different colors- just doing the first two strips. Then, when I have all the pieces done with the first two strips- I move to the next pile. The four strip category. I crochet them up one color at a time. (1 sc around) Then when I'm done, all I've got left to do is one strip on each scrubber. I did that this morning and got 10 made up in a few hours. It usually takes me an evening to make 6.

I think it goes faster because I'm not having to worry about which part goes next. And separating them into the piles keeps the confusion down which makes me very happy.

And if after you try this, you decide you'd just rather not make them yourself, contact me and I will make them for you!

My piles. I had already started the first two strips when I took this picture.

 Completed the first two strips on each of these. 

Completed the four strips on the black, green, purple and red. The white and yellow have two strips done on them as I started more.

And done!

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