Monday, April 15, 2013

Magic square soap holders

Here are the magic square soap holders I made. The larger one I used a chain of 15 and the smaller one a chain or 10.

Update: Since then, I have made several more and found I like to chain 10 stitches with a size G hook. It makes a soap holder 3 by 4 inches. Which seems small at first glance but they stretch so much when they are wet. If you make them the size the soap is, then they get too floppy when wet.

To make them, I chain 10 stitches and put 1 sc in ea ch across. When I get to the end, I put 3 sc in the last one and turn it around and go down the side I started. (does that make sense?) then when I get to that end, I put 2 sc and then after that when I get to each end I only put 1 sc. It looks like the magic square potholder except you don't overlap the edges together.

I like how they turned out!

I turned them inside out too as I liked the pattern it showed more.

This is my second magic square potholder I made. When I first made it, I finished it too early and it did not come out square looking, which bugged me enough that I ripped out the closure and tried it again. It turns out I needed to put in about five more rounds to give it a straighter appearance. I'm glad I did that as I like it so much better. I know it's "just a potholder" but I want to always be happy with whatever I make.

And now I can cheerfully give it away as a gift without feeling embarrassed! :-)


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