Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to make a rectangle crochet pot scrubber

I bought some red netting the other day to try making a different crocheted pot scrubber. I was talking to a friend of mine about a scrubber I had made her before I learned to do the kind that I posted the pattern for. I don't really remember how I made it, but I'm pretty sure I just made it like my facial scrubbers. I was shocked to learn that it's still going strong after all this time. I think it's been almost a year that it's still scrubbing away! 

The difference is that I didn't connect the strips the same way. I just used a square knot and stuffed the netting inside. Honestly, I expected over time for the netting to fall out of the holes, but she said it does not do that!

I decided to try making a rectangle scrubber the other day.

To make this scrubber, I took my crochet hook size "K" and chained 12 stitches.

It measured 5 inches long, so if it takes you more or less chains to get 5 inches, that's fine. I tried not to pull too tightly when I made the chains.

Then, I chained one, turned and put a sc in ea ch across. (12 total)

I repeated this until the piece measured 4 inches tall.You can either make two and connect them, but I chose to just fold it in half. When I ran almost out of netting and had about 3 inches left, I tied a square knot and kept all the knots on one side. Then, when I folded it in half, all the stray pieces were on the same side.

Starting on one side, I put 1 sc in each space across adding 3 sc to each corner. and went all the way around to the other side and then tied it off, tucking the last piece inside.

It's puffy and ready to scrub away. I plan to make more of these tweaking it as I go. I'm curious to know how long it will last instead of my usual round ones.


PurlingPenny said...

Goodness Noel, you've been busy! This scrubber looks great.. a very handy item to have on hand. I've been eyeing up your recipes as well..... you're making me hungry! :)

Laurie Fancy said...

Hi, Noel: I'm new to using netting/tulle. I've seen tulle in fabric stores & notions depts, but where would I find this netting? Would Michaels carry this?

Just wondering in BC,
Laurie <><

Noel Wright said...

I'm not sure, but do you have a Hobby Lobby where you live? I know they carry it online. It's just called "Net". I've never been to Michael's to buy it. I usually just get mine at Walmart since we don't have a Hobby Lobby where we live. I'm not sure our Michael's even sells material. Perhaps try a Joann's too? Some people use Tulle, but I find it too soft, it frays for me and doesn't last as long.

crochetlady said...

Hi Laurie. I found out the hard way that (1) I needed to buy the netting in a fabric store and (2) I had to ask for the heaviest weight tulle they carry. Otherwise, you'll end up with a scrubbie that kind of feels like a wedding veil. I finally found some at Hancock Fabrics. Good luck.

Jenni Alford said...

Do you have a picture by picture tutorial of the rectangle scrub?

Noel said...

Not yet, but I will work on doing one. Thanks for the idea! Perhaps by next week?

Noel said...

I accidentally deleted your last comment. Feel free to leave it again, but the good news is that I will be posting up more ideas on how to use up your acrylic yarn stash! Might not be until January but keep an eye out!

Janie said...

What is the finished size of your scrubber? Did you cut 2" strips of netting? It looks great! I bought some really stiff netting, I'll need to make your rectangular scrubby, it was too hard to work with to make a round one.

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